Welcome to, what is possibly the one and only Warriors trollfic archive active in the modern era! This is a database dedicated entirely to preserving as many trollfics and parody Sue fics in their original states as possible, as they're rather prone to being deleted from the internet. Intentionally horrible and cliche art is art too - and perhaps you'll get a laugh out of reading some of these!

Be aware that the majority of these fanfics are nearly unreadable, and very frequently contain swearing, violence, and for, uh, some reason, usually childbirth. They also usually contain a myriad of other questionable topics - but our archive aims to provide content warnings wherever possible. We cannot promise that we haven't missed anything, though, especially given how difficult many of these are to read, so please peruse these archives carefully!

Unless stated otherwise, we make no claim to the fanfiction stored on this archive nor to the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We link back to the very original upload of the fanfic wherever still possible. Most of these stories will be long-dead and unfinished, however!

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3/5/2022 - An update a month's pretty okay for an unintentional procrastination-imposed schedule, right? Maybe I should try making that the official schedule so maybe I'll stay better on top of this. Anyway, don't really have any sort of a theme for this one, just wanted to get some stuff up... however, I've finally put up the infamous Hidden Prophices series, which is (...currently) the longest fic on the masterlist! And, also, I've put up the first non-other archive site fics - Bass star's Song and The Worst Warriors Fanfic are both sourced from Wattpad. (They're both extremely short, but hey, firsts are important, right?) Many thanks also to Misty Raindrops on Wattpad (the user who sent me the Starkit's Prophecy link from the previous update) for a lot of help both in finding trollfics and figuring out the content warnings for them!

Oh, and as one last update note, I've added the ability to navigate between chapters in a fic using the left and right arrow keys. On, uh, most fics, at least - any fics using the old chapter navigation code still can't do this. Maybe next update I'll modernize the navigation code on all the old fics.

Masterlist additions: Hidden Prophices, The Day of the Orchids, Ruby Ghosts, Bass star's Song, The Worst Warriors Fanfic, warrirs dirkness risiing: :dewikikts story, Aquakit: A Trollfic, Aurorakit: A Trollfic, Crystalkis profecy :3, Candykit's New Moon, Magicstar's story, Sunkits Prophecy, The Sparkle Chronicles, DessertClan: Fudgelife's Legacy, The Son Prophcy, Shade's Adventure, Warriors Trollfic (Prafciz uf Kulnes


2/5/2022 - Quick and small but significant update. Thanks to the assistance of a friend I met on Wattpad (@ them - no idea if you're okay with getting namedropped?), I've gained access to the backups of Starkit's Prophecy and its sequel, so the sequel has been put up and the original has been altered to match the actual formatting it was posted with! ...Apparently, Starkit's Prophecy had all its text centered the whole time and it only uses italics, like, three times in the whole fic. Huh. I'll hopefully have a bigger update soon, but I wanted to get this handled while it was on my mind.

Masterlist additions: StarKits PRophec 2: The Two Sibinglgs


1/29/2022 - Here again with another big update! For some reason I like doing these in large themed batches. This time it's a bunch of self-admitted trollfics, which I admittedly find hit or miss and prone to being painfully unfunny ^^; There's some I like now and then, though. That aside, most notable addition this update is the entire Lunar Destiny series, with The Blazing Comet now holding the title for current longest fic on this site, at 39,544 words. (That'll be dethroned if/when I ever get around to adding Hidden Prophices, though.)

Masterlist additions: The Lunar Destiny, The Blazing Comet, Ebony Stone A Tale Of Two Kittens, Happy Mother's Day, The Glittering Empress, SilverPelt, The Story Of A Mary-sue, TROLLFIC! Rubykit's quest, Icy Rose, TROLLFIC! teh sister prophesy, A Path of Starlight: RainbowStar and Spectrumstar's Path, Sparklekit's Epicness, fairytwinkles quest, and Galaxystars Adveqeust.


1/6/2022 - Happy New Year!! ...Or, uh, almost a week after New Year. Yeah, I meant to drop this on the first of January, but stuff happened. Oh well. Let's call this the Destiny update, because I just got as many fics about Destiny out of the way as possible. To aspiring Warriors trollfic authors... you should probably name your fic something else. There's also a couple unrelated to the theme but otherwise notable fics, namely Obsidianwing and Tom finally being added.

Masterlist additions: Skrubkit's Destiny, Into the Wild on Skrub, Sunshinekit's Destiny, Sparklingpaw's Destiny, Sparklekits Destiny, Prettykit's Destiny (Trollfic Warning), Moonstars Destiny, obsidianwing's quest, Tom, and Tom 2: Star of Valor.


12/19/2021 - We've got a new theme switcher up in the corner, allowing you to change the site's color scheme! Also, the Contact Us page has been folded into the About page. There's also been a few behind the scenes code tweaks that are mostly for my own well being.

Also I sprited up a site button. Look at it!!