Candykit's New Moon (source)

Chapter 1


HHey guyz! I was inspired by Starkit's Prophecy- Omg, the best fanfic I lov it soooo much! :3 I wanted to write my own story so here it is. I don't know how often I'll update becuz I am like really busy all the time with school- I do all the extra credit even in the summer when I'm not writing. OMG, I luv you guys so much I hope you love my story as muc do. Peace out!

Chapter 1: The prophecy and the badger

Candy kit wakked up. She was awake and her eyes were ppen for the first time! (AN: Meaning she was born a littlw while ago I was studying cats for this so I would get it all right omg I worked so hard.)

MOM"! she giggle loudly. "I hear a thing attackin the camp!"

"OH NO!" screamed Cocodawn, ham mom. " we don't have enough cats!

"I'll help " Yelped canykit. She jumped outside and fell onto rock. It hurt! She was brave so she was ok. She ot up. The badger was on her! She was NOT AFRAID everyobe else in sweet juice clasn ran away! Candykit could handle it. She clawed the badger with her shoulder. It hurt! Then his face was gone because she bit it ogf. Then it was dead at lsst she could rest. She was covered in blood! Her green spots were bloody. It look like a raspberry! she thought. Just incase, she licked her paw! Hten the medicine cat ran outside. He said "OMG I JUST GOT AN OMEN!" Candykit spat. "OMG WHAT IS IT, junglepop, lolz!" He licked lovingly at the sky. "Candy will sweeten the clams, and role the forest with her greatnes"

Okay, sothats the first chapter! Plz stay with me I knew u guys want to see the next chapter lol lol omg I luv my storyyyy! Candy kit is my fursona so I wnted her in my story so badly here she is I love everyone yay yay yay!