Darkest Violet (source)


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Tigerstar: say it now

Me: no *crosses arms*

Tiggerstar: *grabs chainsaw* SAY IT!

It was a dark and stormy night wen dreamkit, dragonkit, and daintykit were borned. But it wasnt just the weather and sky that was dark. It was the situation to cus shimmerleaf died with her last gasping breathe after the kits were born. Eggplash, theyre father, was griefing.

"My beautiful mat. How could this hapen to her!?" he cryed. He was so sad! "I hate these kits its all there fault this happened. He yowled loudly and left the den.

Stillpool, the med cat sighed with grieving. She couldnt safe shimmerleaf. She loked over the kits and then her eyes catched dreamkits eyes and her eyes flashed. Then she seen a cat with stars in his fur like the sky!

"Oh my starclan who r u!?" she asked.

"There is a prophecy." he said only

"To calm the violent soul, violets take lead role.
As busy bees take flight, lakes seek greater might.

When eyes begin to roam, dreams will save your home." he told her and then disappeaed (Mah sista wrote the prophecy 4 meeee thx so much emmy!)

"WHAT DOES IT MEAN?" she screamed!

But their was no anser. He was gone.

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