desitny of angelkit (source)

le prophecy

there were cats at a frozen glacier and they looked into it

"we need a cat too save le forest" said bluegrey cat. "yes and it will be angeljkit" said le orenge cat!/

desudesu yes" sid a beautiful white cat with wigs.

when all anegsls have fallen and demons rise, the beauty of pretty will come out and save us from the deathy" said serenitymusic/

"kawaii" said serenitymusic and flew wawy/

"kool" said bluegrey cat "arigato watashi desu" they said and walked bck too there home in lightclan


angelkit akwoke and saw the bramches of hthee den. she awkoke and saw her mam. she awakoke and got up and padded iver too her moma.

"moma desu" she aid wihth sparklin purple eyes.

"yes honbun kawaii" she andwered she saw angelkit "oh u opened ur eyes go play"

yes mam" se said and ran out and bumbed into mitsy

"oh kawaii desu kunichiawa!" angelkit said

"!" mitsy sang "ohai angekkjit wat u opened yourn yyeyes so kool awaik" she said/\

"のでカワイイ /span/font:3" smewed angelkit prettyily" ok lets do something um" the mitsay kawaii desu watashai arigjto cool ktity

GASP" said angelkitbr "wat" sa8id kmitsybr "

its bigpaw lol" said angelkitbr "ohwow hes cool" mitsy said

"yeah lol" angelskit screechdbr "OMG HE LOOKED T ME!11!" mitsy whispeeredbr "OS KWAIII!11!" angelk9ot whispered bvakcbr

"ok bed time girls" said hulaplusbr

they watched tv and played the wiibr

tooo bee continueeeeebr plz no flamsbr