DessertClan: Fudgelife's Legacy (source)

Chapter 1

Thunder crashed as lightning split the air, rain pouring down from the dark sky. A wail of pain rang through the forest, and Pastrynight thrashed in her mossy nest, contractions pulsing through her belly. "Well done, Pastrynight, one more!" A dark brown and black she-cat mewed. Being warmed already, two kits wailed for their mother. With one last grunt of pain, a small bundle of fur slid out onto the ground.

"It's a she-cat." The medicine cat mewed. "She's beautiful..."

"Thank you, Custardfeather." Pastrynight panted, pulling her kits close to her belly.

"Have you decided what their names will be?" Custardfeather asked, kindly.

"I was thinking Piekit, for this one, he's just as sweet as pie... And this one, he'll be Reeseskit, for his chocolate and tan pelt." Pastrynight's tail swept over the remaining kit, small and beautiful. "And she will be Fudgekit. Self-explanatory." The dark kit squirmed against her mother's belly, almost as if in response.

"Oh, my little kits... Welcome to DessertClan..."


Later That Night

Custardfeather's eyes opened to a familiar scene: LegendarysweetsClan. "Fuck." She spat. "What do you want now? Can't I just have a normal dream for once?"

Taking no notice of her profanity, the greatest cat of all time, Dessertstar, stepped forward. Stars glistened in her fur as she spoke. "You brought a beautiful kit into the world today."

"Shit, another prophecy? First of all, they're all beautiful, don't expect me to pick favorites, no matter what blessing or curse they might bring. Second of all, This is the second prophecy this MOON."

Again ignoring this outburst, Dessertstar continued. "Fudge is made through a long process, and requires being molded 'til it reaches its final form. You must help it do this."

Custardfeather rolled her eyes. "'It' is a 'she', for your information. And I can't believe you. FIRST you want Cakepoppaw to go on a journey to tame the badgers, THEN you want Sugartail to lead a rebellion, and now THIS?"

Dessertstar sniffed disdainfully. "If we tried to fight those badgers we would be slaughtered. And Bitterstar was a tyrant. He was called 'Bitter'star for a reason."

"Whatever." Custardfeather scoffed, and woke up.