DoritoClan's: The Doorway To Desire! (TM) (source)


Hello, you manlets. I hope your ready for a fanfiction that is going to change your life. If you had one, anyway. Too bad you're dead! Anyway, here's the prologue.


All of Starclan gathered around a mysteryious red object on a stand. ThunderStar peered into the goggles at the top and his tail flicked in intensity.

"ThunderStar, do you see something?" said a blue molly with a greyed muzzle and large blue orbs.

Another cat, a tom the color of fire padded over. "Is it a prophecy?"

A third cat a brown tabby meowed "I hope its something good..."

ThunderStar yanked his head out of the goggles. "Can someone else try? I cant see jack shit. It's all just red and black and I have a headache because of it -_-"

"Ok." said the molly who proceeded to do that. "I... Oh. Your right, this is barely visible. So much for all hail the Virtual Boy!"

The tabby said "Maybe its the batteries, BlueStar. I'll go get blueStar batteries." He left the clearing.

BlueStar suddenly tensed up. "Hold on... i can see it..."

The clearing fell silent.

"The past and the present will become future and the doorway to desire will be opened. But don't drop your gaurd because in the darkness the... Darn i cant make out the rest."

ThunderStar stood tall. "Then all we can do is hope for the best."

Meanwhile, LoveSong, the medicine, cat, of DoritoCclan looked up at the stars. "Oh shit."

You better enjoy my fanfiction! Or you get no more breathing! Think about that for a bit and consider your choices!