Ebony Stone A Tale Of Two Kittens (source)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Sequel to The Lunar Destiny and The Blazing Comet.

Chapter 1

Here it is everyone, the much anticipated sequel to The Lunar Destiny, So here you have it; Ebony Stone; A Tale of two Kittens. Like it's predecessor, this is a troll story.

The Blazing Comet will continue as well, following the timeline through Cometblazes point of view. Just like it did with The Lunar Destiny.



It had been a moon now since Cometblaze had killed his sister, Lunarmoon, and had taken over the four clans in his dubious tyrannical tyranny. Though many had tried to oppose him, he had managed keep control by brainwashing the other clans. It had come to be that very few were not under his merciless rule.

He should have been dead though. Lunarmoon had killed him by some horrendous power, he had been resurrected shortly after his secnd death. Right before the eyes of the other cats!

The red demonic tom was now leader of Nightclan, Moonclan, and Dayclan. Sunclan had already been under his control so Jupiterstar still ran that clan. Technically Cometblaze was now Cometstar, he had been given nine lives, but he felt like he was above having a Leaders name and decided that Cometstar sounded stupid. So he kept his name as Cometblaze.

Some days he would be in Moonclan, some days he would be in Sunclan, Daylcan or Nightclan. Because he essentially ran all four Clans he was alternating between which ones he stayed in.

But the truth would not falter; the clans wanted Lunarmoon back.

It was horrible but the most influential cats in each clan, the medicine cats, were under his mindcontrolling powers and so the clans would follow his orders.

"This isn't far!" Ebonypaw muttered as she sat in the apprentice den with her brother, Stonepaw. Their uncle was a horrible and cruel leader, and they hated him! He tried to bribe their loyalty with treats like honey but they would never fall to his disgusting tricks.

Her brother nodded, swishing his tail and glowered, "I hate him, he's a horrible leader!" Stonepaw snarled.

The black shecat growled and curled up in her nest, it was late and she was tired. Cometblaze had forced her to train for most of the day and then go hunting, who in StarClan would force an apprentice to work that hard?

He had been overworking all the warriors and apprentices ever since he came to power!

When her mother ruled, she let them work as hard as they wanted to, they could take days off from work and just relax. But nope, with Cometblaze they had to hunt and or train from sun up to sun down. Have a short break at Sunhigh to eat a lunch before going back to work.

Her paws were killing her, and the medicine cats dens were so full because of cats had sore paws now thanks to Cometblaze.

"I'm going to sleep!" she screamed and closed her eyes falling asleep.

Up in Starclan a group of cats gathered around a pool, watching the two apprentices. At the head was a beautiful dark purple almost black shecat.

"They live in a world of suppression and tyranny," Kitsunestar pointed out. "Cometblaze is a cruel tyrant in control of the entire forest."

"But they are strong," the beautiful cat said, her eyes began glowing, "I HAVE A PROPHECY!"

All the cats gathered around Lunarmoon, who then began talking, "The ebony stone will unite the four elements and destroy the savage comet!" she snarled out, her claws unsheathing in excitement. The entire starclan began to cheer knowing that her kits would save the four clans.

"They will be strong!"

"They will save the four!"

"I will guide them!" Lunarmoon decided, "I will watch over htem, protect htem and train them!"


Did you guys think that Lunarmoon was gone for good? Nope, she's just in StarClan.