glitterkits destiny (source)

Chapter 1


a orange cat walked into the water he look down and his eyes go wide. "what is it firestarr" a gray cat asks "there is a prophecy yellowfang"" firestar meows looki at her. "wht does it say" yellowfang asks "death will rise but glitter will rule and fiht" he says and yellow fan gasps. "what is happening" a blue cat meows walking in "bluestar tere is a prophecy" firestar says "oh no" "yeah" firestar meows.


"shit my kits are comin"" sparklegem screams for her mate. "its ok" the medicine cat meows walking in the nursery with leaf. after a long tim the kits are born. "good job u have 3 girls" the medicine cat says leaving the den and a red striped tom walks in . "there beautiful sparklgem" redstripe meows "what are we going to name them'. sparklegem looks down at the kits one is a dark red "bloodkit" the other is a black fur with blue stripes "deathki" and the last oe is a bright blue with white spots and beautiful rainbow eyes "glitterkit" sparklegem meows and redstripe smilees "those are good names i love u hunny" "love u to"

redstripe leaves and sparklegem lays down with her kits 2 sleep.