Hidden Prophices (source)




Vanillastar, a cream-colored tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Sparklefur, a jet black she-cat with violet eyes

Medicine Cat: Startalon, a long-haired gray tom
(apprentice: Tranquilpaw)


Talonclaw, a dark tabby tom with gray eyes and long, sharp claws

Sunsetshine, a ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Mockingbirdheart, a stormy gray tom
(apprentice: Moonpaw)

Cursedheart, a black and white she-cat with green eyes

Thunderingbreeze, a broad-shouldered dark tabby tom

Webstream, a gray tabby
(apprentice: Screepaw)

Braveheart, a flame-colored tom with green eyes

Gazingflight, a silver she-cat

Beetlescar, a long-furred gray tom

Shadowseeker, a black tom

Glasswater, a pure white she-cat with blue eyes
(apprentice: Lilypaw)


Screepaw, a blue-gray tom with one black paw

Moonpaw, a beautiful white she-cat with a black crescent moon on her forehead and glistening violet eyes

Tranquilpaw, a black and white she-cat

Lilypaw, an orange tom with blue eyes


Goldenmask, a beautiful golden she-cat with green eyes

Mysteryheart, a black she-cat with blue eyes


Oddpelt, a calico tom-cat with one eye

Polarsong, an old gray she-cat with gray eyes


Rainbowstar, a black tom with red paws

Deputy: Ambercrystal, an auburn she-cat with beautiful blue eyes
(apprentice: Sorrowpaw)

Medicine Cat: Almondfeather, a brown tabby she-cat


Mallowbelly, a spotted tabby tom with blue eyes

Toadbrook, black tom
(apprentice: Ghostpaw)

Dewflight, a white she-cat with ginger flecks

Eagletooth, a white tom with sharp teeth

Rockwatcher, a brown tabby tom with a white underbelly
(apprentice: Fallenpaw)

Sneezenose, a tawny-colored she-cat

Bubbledusk, a cute black-and-white tom


Ghostpaw, a ghastly-looking white she-cat

Fallenpaw, a gray tabby tom

Sorrowpaw, an orange tabby she-cat


Reflectionsoul, a tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Treefoot, a lively old tom with blue eyes

Lilacflower, a brown she-cat with lilac-colored eyes

Cornerstone, a gray and white tom


Dragonstar, a strong black tom with green eyes

Deputy: Icybreath, a prickly gray tom

Medicine Cat: Blazingfox, a long-haired red tom


Bleedinglove, a smoky gray tabby with red eyes.

Cleargaze, a white she-cat
(apprentice: Ivorypaw)

Icefrost, a gray flecked tom

Startwinkle, a black and white she-cat
(apprentice: Freezingpaw)

Mangledsoul, a white tom with black ears

Mournfulphantom, a long-haired red tabby she-cat
(apprentice: Serpentpaw)

Crimsonrose, a stunning white cat with orange tabby patches

Shiverhoot, a gray and white tom


Ivorypaw, an ivory colored she-cat with blue eyes

Serpentpaw, a ginger tom

Freezingpaw, a brown tabby she-cat


Snowinfero, a gorgeous tortoiseshell she-cat


Attackstrike, a one-eyed old calico tom

Tornadozephyr, a black and white tom


Nebulastar, a calico tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Snowflake, a puffy white she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Troubletail, a long-haired gray she-cat
(apprentice: Gaypaw)


Hammerclaw, a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes
(apprentice: Onyxpaw)

Shiningpower, a small ginger tabby she-cat

Phoenixwhisker, a fire-colored tom with green eyes

Ruinedspirit, a silver she-cat
(apprentice: Dancerpaw)

Terrorglare, a white and black tom

Witheringbones, a brown she-cat with blue eyes
(apprentice: Angelpaw)

Neonflash, a white she-cat


Dancerpaw, a brown spotted she-cat

Onyxpaw, a black tom

Angelpaw, a white she-cat with a black muzzle

Gaypaw, a dusky brown tom with green eyes


Dazzlemoon, a spotted gray tabby she-cat

Sugarplumspirit, a brown tabby she-cat

Berrysonnet, a dappled golden she-cat


Windwalker, a brown-and-white tom