Icy Rose (source)


The round, full moon blazed down through the thick leafy canopy. Rain patterned against the dark leaves and slid down in rivulets onto three cats seated in a circle.

The first cat, a golden and white tom, covered his head with a paw.

"Why did you pick here?" He grumbled.

A white she-cat with misty blue eyes frowned. "You know perfectly well why, Corncandy!" She snapped.

Corncandy flexed his claws and glared at the she-cat.

"Stop it!" The third cat, a bright ginger tom, stepped between them and shoved them back. The white she-cat started, as if surprised that a tom would ever dare to touch her.

The ginger tom noticed her shocked expression and facepawed. "Harden up, Snowballthrow."

Snowballthrow widened her glistening eyes and the tom rolled his. "Don't play soft with me, Snow."

"Get to the point, Starburstfur!" Corncandy snapped.

Starburstfur nodded seriously. "I have recieved news that a Mary Sue has infiltrated the Clans." Snowballthrow and Corncandy gasped.

Starburstfur inclined his head mournfully. "Yes. We have been chosen to pick the saviour." He swirled his paw and an image appeared in the air. His companions studied it.

"That's who you've chosen?" Snowballthrow demanded.

Corncandy flicked his tail and the image vanished. "Yep. You gotta problem with my choice?"

Snowballthrow shook her head violently. "No!"


Credits to ScipioPB for the names.