Lunakits Destiny 1 11 (source)

Lunakits Prophesy

"We must send the Clans a prophesy." Bluestar meowed. "Something terible is coming, I can fell it." Redtale nodded. "Me to. I don't know wat, but I can fel it."

Lionhart loki d around StarClan territory. "but who will save the calns!?1!" He asked. "Gosestar?" Redtale meowedd. "No He is not specal enogh." BlueStar replied,

"Whaat about Lunakit?" Loinheart mewed. Bluestar looked donw at the ferest where Thunderclan lived. Of corse! Lunakit was specal. She had been born with the ultimate powerrs.

"Yes Lunakit. Se must becume the cat in the prophesy." BlueSstar noded. "but she is Half claln! nd her parents are both medisine Cats!" Redtale meowed. Bluestarr loki'd at him

"that maks her evon more specal. The dauter of grayStorm and PinkNose.' BluStar meweld. "we mus send the calns the prophesy write away.''

Tey all noded and loki;d down sat the clans. Lunakut was the must amazzing cat that wolud evor life...