Magicstar's story (source)

Chapter 1

hi gis Im stating frsh with a new stryo so I hop u like it!111!

Staclan circld round Jayfur the medeisin cat. Ther eys were very brigt lik flashlites. "Are u all redy" bluesta sad. "Reddy eddy eddy" they all repld. All cas, won by won jumpd into Jayfert and disappred.

Jayfurt wock up to a forst. "Whar am I" he morttued and rubed his eys. "We are her to tell u prophis" they meowed. "A kit will apper with the powr of all and will safe thunder, wind, shadow, and river." "wat dose daht mene?!" he yodled and runned after the stalan cats who wer alreadiy walking to the ski and wock up. "I must tell the new quen" he gapsed.

End of proloug!11111!111!1 111 I really hop yal like!1!