Moonblacks Destinie (source)



Leader: Firestar- giner tom

Dephty: Bromblecla- brown tabby to eith amber eyess

Meddicin Cat:: Leafpoool- brown she catt

Warrirs: Whitestorm— white tom

Squirlflite- gigjer shecar

Grastrip- gra tom

Silvwrstreem- silver shecat

Stormfur— gray tom

Feathurtal- gray tom

Quwens: Sorrotale- ginger and black and white and gray she cat

Sassyfur- (mother of Graystrips kits, Hatekit and Moonkit)

Kits- Hatekit- ugly whit she-cat with ugly blue markings

Moonkit- beeatifull pale blackberry she car with pink and blue markings and big red eyes

Elders- non

Te other clons arent important