moonkits pawphacy (source)

posplouge -propAHSEE?

gus dont hat on me thas is my furts starry so if u doe will rapart u flamming is for idots so dont u darr or u will go to hekllck

fur cats stod aroond a a lakk "maby somfing will haepn son. said a male tom cut madd of stares.

i doobt ate" sed the other wan who was the onla ather tharr. "

butt wa8t!1! they lakked intu th poodle an saw... A MOON! what was thes moon doinnng?

a poopassee HASE BANE FARMED!" said a turd cat that wSNT THERE B4

WE Hve to waern th calns!1!1!" sed the forf that was therrr b6 an th fist sed "wbat waht dose it menn?/?"

it mens tha th gre8 leader MOON wad gate rade of the eval COBRA that speets and also the stupid evaL HOOLY!

oh wow we meeda go tall the atherssssss! sed the sacand cate

"Yes wew do we ned to go and we ned to go and tell the katties!11! sad the fistr wan.

theay arane aff and tald the madicane catas aboot thids praphecty and it was all ok tnescause then theyd no of the evil cattiesss!

i hope u all ike this statry and RAMAMBER!1!~! DONUT FLAM OR ULL GO TO HELCK!11!1!1!1