NovaKitS' Jroney! (source)



Hi gys dis is my frist srtoy so dnt b men plz. anwa her is prolog

It wass lefgren adn tundreoclan was trivng. In teh cmp, 2 KITZ WER BORN!111!

"oUR kitz lokc wondrfel STInhart" Meowd GlosyFot.

"tnx" sed Stromhart.

"wat shel we nam tem!/1?!/1/" Showtd FirStra.

SadnyHart pontd at teh frst kit. She was pnk adn blu wit rainbow strips adn had blu eys. "TIs 1 wil b namd PretyKit 4 hr prety pelt."

Shee pointd at ther nexx 1. He wass a Balck KIT whit wit paws adn RED EYS!11!111"This 1 is namd CrsmonKit 4 his eys lik flamgn rubys."

Finaly she pontd at hr LST KIT. sShe was a beautfil vivid violet with gpnk eys adn hr tale itipp had Teh GLAXY INSDI11111!1! "Andd this 1 is NOVKIT!1" THE CTS CHERD111111

Sehhe wispred in2 teh Slepng kits Erer. "Ur gon b best waror som Day NovaKit i just KNO IT."

JayFthr ran in2 teh Nusry. "FoirStra I have ImPOTENT News! I Gott a PROPCY!111" ALL THE CTS GAPED!1!1


"The Nova Mon adn teh Prety plet wil stop th evl Oblivon. But bewar uf Tigr Hok Blod and Randnd."

NoBody New wht it ment!1!11!1

Hop u ENGOYED1!1!