Warriors Trollfic (Prafciz uf Kulnes (source)

Chapter 1



Leder- Rokstra- gray Tom wit perple and pkni eys

Deptuy- Smilyeface- yellow shecat dat alwez smils wen she tawkz

Medicine cta- Dimondbrihgt - Blue Tom wih shiny fur an hez got a brkone leg

Apprentci, Pawpwa


Icecore-gray and whit shecat whi saphirre gren yeeys

SmartFur- smart he cat

Steppingfeet- Green Tom

Smileyfcae- yellow she cat alwseyz haz a smiley fase on

Obsidianpurple- gingre tom wtih beautiflu hansum red yeyed

Aprnecie- dogpa

KitHert- Very imatour motled she-cta

Twolegfern- mean black Tom

StarPlet- black she cat whit stras in her pelt

Salttung- red tom

smilingscar- has a skar on hsi sid loks lik a smliy

Windy air- rufled brwon taby pelt and abner eyes

Redblud-red Tom

Parneticd, frenchfrypaw

Splatercat-very flat shecat

Evilface-evil fac with gren eys and pelt that has a unciorn desin in it cuz he luvs uincrons

Emrealdshnie- green and blu tmo with ambre eyse

PhenixHart- a cat wit a profecy kan tern into a fenix and has blue fur

Appleeater- only Eats apLes evr, iz he catAprentcise-

Pawpaw- Tom with extr paw

Tigrpaw- luks lik tigerstra but she kat


Dopaw- has scra becuz of dog


Stupidface kits is profcykti an poopkit


Jacksnort was a kitypet

Oder clans ar Stupidclna an MouseClan. and Skoolclan. (I DUNLIK SCUL SO Im MAK ITEVLI!111!1!1!1111!])dd

Prolog the profcy

THEr was a she cat namd beautifulcat and she aperd todimend bright in drem. She sed dat thers a new kti and the kit is rely powrflu he can kill the cat wit an evil face dim end brig sed but wats it men ? Butiflucta sed i dont no what it mens "wel wits it men I seiD? Said dimonBrghi "" now wun noseā€¦

Chtaptra 3 poopy eldres

Poopkit was a menn cat an profeckIT dint lick him very muh. So se decidd she wud mak Her leder make him an eldr. So rocstaR did tat. Now PoopKit was an elerd. Jacksnrt was hapi cas won he had a frend. So se med her meen mom an edler so jaksnert wud haff anotr frend.

Cheptr 1 clna ledr an kits!

Profecykit tot obsidenprupl was cut and se was expectni his kits. An se had kits an der nams wer Hansumkti an Beutifulkit. Den Rokstra sed dey wer guna maK Gud warors so ten it was hansumfqce, beutfiulcta an prophcyheart ten rock star said they wud mak Gud leder. So it was profecy star cuz RokStar kild himself. Ter can only be On leadr u no.

Chaptre 6 theprofcye coms tru

Profecysatr lernd abot a profcy dimendbrite lern it ws vry strang. Se was sposde to kil cat wit evl fac but who had evl fac? And den se saw it evilfac kilin her mat obsidenpurpl! O no!,!,!,,!,M! So se decdd to kil evlifas and he died. Ten evryon was hapi...

Chpatr 7- Goodbi Obsidenprupel

O no obsidenprupl! Profcysta sed cuz obsiden purp was diin. Se did. Hansumfac an beutfulcat an profecStar crid. De wer sad an davgaderign cam.

Chap 2 da gadriner

Ten it was Tim for t hatherni. So propcypaw wen to garron but it was her fears GADRIN se dnidnt no wat to du. Rokstrrrrr was hope se was apentci. Yay. Sh sed hi to a apent from anoter caln. Hoos nam was secretlyevilpaw. He wasn't very evil. Den he kild profecydyar up on the grate eggStar was very mad at secretlyebilpaw and it was snilestar no cuz smilfac asw deput. Dragnclaw was mad a EgStar? Cuz SecrtlEvipaw was his apntrntic but no he got in trubbl.

Chapt 4 Te end

Den profcyglimer cam bac to lif and kild SecrrlyEvpwa. Den SkolCln ataked but Profcstar was powful and abl to defet dem. (an IM SU SURY I SED ID INKLUD SKULCALN BUT I FERGOT WIT AL DE AKTON!11!1!) tHe end.

Dat as mi stroy! I hop u likd! :)