Prettykit's Tale (source)

Chapter 1


Leader- Shinystar - silver cat with gold paws, eyes and silver tail tip
Deputy- Jacksparrow- black male tom with brown underbelly, and amber eyes
Medicine cat- Perfectflower- bright yellow she cat with sparkley paws and a cresent moon on her forhead.
Medicine cat apprentice- Cookieleaf- cream she cat with yellow eyes and has dark marks all over her body. Has a cookie necklace.
Slowsnail- thick set plain light brown tom with long whiskers and neon green eyes
Flyingsquirrel- tiny ginger female with ice blue eyes and rainbow paws
Foxdung- brown-y tom with bright orange eyes.
Cloudcloud- White tom with blue eyes. Has the best hearing ever. Descends from Cloudtail.
Poopface- A brown brownie she-cat with brown poopy eyes
Frostfrost - a frosty blue tom with a frosty rainbow tail and frosty coloured eyes and a frosty gray snowflake marking on his flank
Coffeebutt - a coffee (horribly) smelling tan she-cat with chocolately brown eyes and a coffee bean tail ribbon
Fabulouseyes - a white tom with a(n) fabulous (overwhelming) personality and fabulous (green) eyes with a fabulous (polkadot) bowtie made of fabulousness
Butterflywing- Pale grey shecat with light purple eyes.
Vampiresparkle - a sparkly white tom with sparkly red eyes and very sharp vampire teeth
Silverpelt - a she-cat with dark eyes and a sparkly silver pelt that looks like silverpelt
Puddingpaw-dark brown tom with rainbow eyes and pale, sparkley gold paws. Lick him and he tastes like pudding.
Sunflowerpaw- Tiny golden shecat with an odd fascination with the sun. Brown eyes.


Leafleaf- black and orange tortie she-cat. Mother of Prettykit and Freedomkit.

Prettykit- a girly cream tom with pretty pink paws and pretty purple eyes and a white flower mark on his forehead

Freedomkit- Red, white, and blue tom. Has stars on his back. Red and white stripes. Blue eyes
Donut- a rogue with purple fur and brown dots like sprinkles on a doughnut. Has bright purple eyes

{Chapter 1}

Prettykit wke pu. His purle eys opned and he watched arond. "Com on Prettykit it is The Day."

"What day?"

"Its yer serimonie."

"Oh yeh!" prettykit jumped up nd dwn, his purple eyes shoning. Freedomkit then stutted up to Prettykit. "I'm so exited!"

"Cm on ktis, it is Time." a voice sed. A frost face apperd.

"Frostfrsot!" the to kits mewd in happnes.

"Com lets goo." The too kits folwed hm.

"Let all cats who ar amasing com beneth th higroc." Shinystar caled ot. Evryon gatherd beneth th higroc.

"Tody 2 ktis wil becom apprntics."