Rainbowstar's Legacy (TROLLFIC WARNING!) (source)

Prologue: A Message of Stars

A small group of Starry cats gathered around a pool, gazing through its ripple-less shine. An image appeared, and whispers surrounded the cats. One of them, a flame-colored tom looked up, surprised.

"A prophecy!" He said.

Another, a blue-grey she-cat, nodded. "Indeed, Firestar: A star-lit rainbow will drown in it's light all darkness, and quench the evil of the dreaded fox."

"What does it mean?" Firestar asked.

"I am unsure. Only time will tell, though it may be about Rainbowkit."


A grey she-cat got up. "I will tell Jayfeather of this prophecy, Bluestar."

Bluestar nodded. "Of course, Yellowang."

The StarClan cats dispersed, going to do their normal things.