Ruby Ghosts (source)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Spinoff/side-story to Hidden Prophices.

Thanks For The Memories!


OK so one of my bestest friends told me that I should write a story that focuses on some other characters of Hidden Prophicess! I thought this was a great idea so thanks Bella for giving it tome! LOVE YO! Do not worry though I will still write my other story but this is a different project and its for my friend so I am pretty focused on it right now!





"Come back here Ghostpaw!"

Some apprentices from RubyClan were running down the hill. They were chasing each other and having a lot of fun! In the front of all of them was a very pale white she-cat who had gorgeous blue eyes. She laughed and began chasing butterflies through the fields. Her friends joined in after a while as well! They were all laughing and playing when the youngest one of them began to ruin off further away. They looked up and they could not see her anywhere!

"Littlepaw?" Ghostpaw called. She wondered where her small friend had gone. She looked down to see if the little young apprentice was hiding somewhere but she was not!

Sorrowpaw and Fallenpaw looked very worried.

"What happened to Littlepaw?" Asked Fallenpaw. He looked out into the tall grass wondering if Littlepaw had been lost inside of it all!

"Maybe she crossed the border and went out of the territories entirely!" Sorrowpaw looked really worried.

No one ever dares to cross the borders! Thought Ghostpaw. She looked forlonged as she tried to see if there were any ripples in the crass to show that Littlepaw had been there! Something awful has probably happened to her! Poor Littlepaw!

Outside of the RubyClan territory there were really dark trees and it seemed like the sun never shines there. Ghostpaw gulped and decided that she was going to have to go in there after her friend. "Come on Fallenpaw and Sorrowpaw! We have got to go get Littlepaw!"

"Yeah if the adults notice she is missing they might blame it on us!" Fallenpaw meowed in agreement.

"Gulp. Looks like it is up to us to go and get her back!" Sighed Sorrowpaw.

They all walked through the tall grass and tried to find a scent of Littlepaw. They could not! It was like she had disappeared off the face of the planet! Ghostpaw wondered if maybe she had been abduced by aliens. "Come on Littlepaw!" She called. "Where are you?"

The big scary woods were right in front of them now and all of them hesitated to go near it. They did not know what would happen if they did but they suddenly caught scent of Littlepaw!

"Oh no she went into the woods!" Groaned Fallenpaw. "What do we do now?"

"Toadbrook is going to be so mad at me if we go in there!" Ghostpaw added. Her pretty white fur was looking gray as the shade of the trees passed over it. There was so very little sunlight even at the edge of the ominous forest!

"I know! Ambercrystal might make me work a ton!" Added Sorrowpaw.

"Count me in with all that. I do not want to get in trouble! But Rockwatcher is a little stupid in the head so maybe he will not even notice." Fallenpaw meowed.

Ghostpaw stepped towards the woods. "Well we have got to be brave and go in there after Littlepaw! Who knows? Maybe instead of getting in trouble we will be heroes!"

"I would like to be a hero!" Fallenpaw exclaimed with excitement. He looked down at the ground though and he was actually a little scared to go into the woods but he was pretended to be brave in order to make sure that his friends did not think that he was a scared coward! "Come on we had better go inside now!"

The three apprentices went into the woods trying to follow Littlepaw's scent. It was so dark and scary though that they were all practically huddled together as they walked along! Shadows were looking like evil creatures who were lurking in the shadows ready to CONSUMATE them! The trees almost had arms that were grabbing outwards and could pick them up and strip them off their skins and leave their copses on the ground.

"Wwwwhat if Littlepaw got eaten by something?" Stammered Sorrowpaw. "I mean maybe we should go back. She is probably dead!"

"But how would we break that news to Bubbledusk and Dewflight! Ooops I am sorry but we lost Littlepaw and she got eaten by a monster in the woods?" Ghostpaw spat. "How would that look to everyone? Everyone would hate us!"

"Ugh I get the feeling that we might just find Littlepaw's body thought!" Sighed Fallenpaw.

Ghostpaw looked out into the darkness. She was just as scared as everyone else was but she was trying to keep her rapid beating heart brave! Oh StarClan please keep poor Littlepaw safe and do not let her get eaten by monsters! She thought quietly.

Fallenpaw frowned as he saw Ghostpaw looking up in reference. "You are not praying are you? You know that StarClan is just bologna that they teach little kits to make sure that they do not do anything wrong."

"Well... I did. I mean I am not totally sure if I believe in StarClan but you know if StarClan does exist I want to say something just so if they are there they might hear me but I do not totally believe in them but I think that there must be at least... a higher power?" Ghostpaw explained with a stutter. She knew that Fallenpaw did not believe in StarClan, and she kinda did not either. She wanted to say more just so she could impress him though because she really looked up to him.

Fallenpaw just shrugged. "Whatever I guess. I mean I do not believe in StarClan but if you want to think that there might be something else out there go right ahead."

"I believe in StarClan!" Ventured Sorrowpaw. "My mother told me that they are always watching over us! I am glad that Ghostpaw prayed!"

"Do not be so stupid Sorrowpaw!" Growled Fallenpaw.

Sorrowpaw dipped her head and looked away. Fallenpaw was kind of sorry because he had a bit of a crush on Sorrowpaw! "Look I did not mean to offend you..."

"No that is okay. Let us just not talk about the subject." Sorrowpaw looked really hurt but they all agreed that they should just stop discussing it.

When they went further into the woods they started to see what looked like glowing eyes peaking out at them! "Oh no maybe we have gone into the Dark Forest?" Stammered Sorrowpaw.

"Do not be ridiculous!" Fallenpaw sconed. "The Dark Forest does not exist just as much as StarClan does not exist!"

"I thought we were going to stop talking about that!" Growled Ghostpaw.

Suddenly out of the darkness walked a shadowy black cat whose eyes were as blue as the sky and the water and blue pebbles! "What are little kits doing so far away from their home?" Asked the tom cat. He was hissing and he looked very angry but a little bit mysterious at the same time.

"We are not kits!" Shooted Fallenpaw! "We are apprentices from RubyClan and we have come to get our friend Littlepaw out of these woods! You did not take her did you because we will fight you for her!"

Ghostpaw looked concerned. This cat looked like he could be a very strong fighter! The three apprentices might not be strong or well trained enough to take on a cat who probably had many years of fighting experience! "Do not challenge him Fallenpaw!" She whispered urgently.

Sorrowpaw had her tail tucked between her legs and she looked ready to run!

The black cat stepped to the side to reveal none other than Littlepaw - but something was horribly wrong! Littlepaw was laying there and she was not moving and her eyes were wide open but they were glazed in death. All of the apprentices gasped at once! Their friend was dead! She was the youngest of all of them and they could not tell how she had died! There was no blood or anything but she was as dead as a door!

"NO NO NO!" Cried Ghostpaw! "What have you done to Littlepaw you monster!"

She watched as the mysterious tom cat only sneered.

"What makes you think that I did it?" He asked calmly.

"HOW ARE YOU?" Questioned Sorrowpaw! "Why do you live out in the woods?"

"You do not know where you are?" Asked the cat. "You are in the Dark Forest and my name is Sin."

"Liar!" Said Fallenpaw. "The Dark Forest is not real and you are just a rogue who lives out in these scary woods."

"Skeptical one are you not?" Sin growled. "Do I need to demonstrate my powers for you?"

"Powers? What powers?" Fallenpaw demanded.

Sin stepped back and his eyes began glowing, and spikes started to shoot up from the ground! The earth was shaking and all of the apprentices covered their heads in horror and fear! This cat was really super strong and he had the ability to do a ton of things with magical evil powers that he had! Ghostpaw admitted she had heard about cats with powers, like this one really pretty and gorgeous and kind she-cat from SapphireClan whose name was Moonpaw. But this cat was not like Moonpaw this cat was evil!

"I can not believe this! I refuse to believe this!" Fallenpaw meowed.

"I suggest you all run back home to your mothers and fathers before you get hurt!" Meowed Sin as the disasters died down.

With tears streaming out of their eyes and fear shaking them all the apprentices ran out of the woods as fast as their paws could carry them. They kept running until they reached the camp. All the cats gathered around when they saw that the apprentices were so scared of something! They wondered if it was a fox or a badger that was chaising them but they did not realize that it was something far far worse.

Rainbowstar walked up to them. "What is wrong?" He asked.

"Something has gone horribly wrong!" Meowed Ghostpaw. "Littlepaw is dead!"

"BOOOOOOO!" Cried out Dewflight when she heard that her daughter had died. It was Dewflight's only kit and she could not have anymore because she was old and that would be gross.

Fallenpaw ooked with sadness at the poor she-cat as she shouted no some more. "Poor Dewflight!" He sighed.

Reflectionsoul who was Dewflight's sister came out of the queens den to comfort her. Dewflight's nices and nephews were looking out of the den. Ghostpaw spotted one of them that she was friends with. They were all young cats but they were just about old enough to be made apprentices.

"What is going on?" Asked little Ravenkit with her big round eyes staring up at Ghostpaw.

"I have some really bad news! Your cousin is dead!"

Her brother Puckkit looks out as well. "Cousin Littlepaw is dead?" He sobbed.

"Yes I am sorry!" Ghostpaw meowed to them. "But do not worry she is... She is with StarClan now." She did not know if she really believed it even after she had seen Sin use his powers but she thought that it would be good to use something to comfort the sad kits.

She used his tail to move Ravenkit towards her and she rested her chin on the smaller she-cat's head. "Do not worry Ravenkit I am here for you. We will get through this."

"How did she died?" Ravenkit asked sadly.

"I do not know. She went out into the woods so maybe it was a bear or something." Ghostpaw said. She knew that this was not true and she had probably been killed by at that evil loner with magical powers named Sin. "Now I will sleep with you tonight so that you will not be sad anymore. You can still look forward to your apprentice ceremony in a little while!"

"OK!" Ravenkit meowed trying to cheer up.

But it was not a cherry day and it was only the beggining of a terrible adventure.