TROLLFIC! Rubykit's quest (source)

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"Hey Mia! Guess what!" coolgirl said to her other personality. "What? that we are not doing any tollfics any more?" Mai asked. "Nope! your doing a TROLLFIC! YAY!" coolgirl said. Mai groans knowing she can't get out of this.

As you read I'm sadly FORCED to make a trollfic *cries* WHY! WHY!


butterfly clan:

hopestar-light pink she-cat with blue eyes

deputy: fluttergleam-pale blue she-cat with yellow eyes

medicine cat: bunnywhisker-grey she-cat with green eyes


dandylionfluff-a yellow and white she-cat with light pink eyes


mintychip-a pale green and brown she-cat and

snowblaze-a white she-cat with green eyes

raindew-a grey tom with blue eyes

happytail-a green she-cat with purple eyes


candypaw-a white she-cat with red stripes and purple eyes


kittywhisker-a blue she-cat with yellow eyes (mother to rubykit-a dazzling red she-cat with amazing rainbow eyes and rosekit-a pale ginger she-cat with green eyes)


foxyfur-a fox looking she-cat with blue-green eyes

well I'm done with the clan and our Mary-sue and her sister so can you guys guess who the hero is?