Secret of the Stars (source)


AN: o hai guyz. dis iz mah furst stroy. onli allegeences rite nao. no flamerz plz. this taekz plaec lik sooo long afta teh sereez lik u don evin kno. they evin chaged da clanz! thx 2 mah frend Sin 4 prereedin!

HillClan - This clan, as its name suggests, is set among hilly lands with scattered trees, even some small forests, here and there. There's a abandoned, ruined Twolegplace to the south, and to the north of it is a large tunnel system rich with prey - and foxes too. Recently, due to unknown circumstances, there has been an abundance of mice made of candy.

Leader: Lightstar - a bright yellow tabby tom with a lightbulb hooked up to his skull who always glows.

Deputy: Dubstepfall - a dark purple she with rainbow music equalizers on her fur and a black tuft of hair.

Medicine Cat: Serpenttail - a bright green she with fur puffs by her neck resembling cobra frills.

Warriors: Moonsong - a beautiful shining silver tabby she with midnight-blue and nightshade-purple flecks in her fur and a black moon marking on her forehead. Her eyes are rainbow. Apprentice, Betapaw

Animechan - a kawaii white-furred she with pink hair.

Coffeeclaw - a she with fur that fades from light brown to dark brown. Apprentice, Corpsepaw

Spookyskull - a black tom with a cat's skeleton on his back.

Oreopath - a sleek black and white tuxedo tom. Apprentice, Alphapaw

Shatteredsoul - three green-blue speckled toms who share a mind.

Gearfoot - a bright orange tom with a synthetic steampunk leg.

Darkfang - a black tom with red stripes on his legs and tail.

Electronicvision - a silver tabby she with a television for a head.

Totembark - an oak wooden tom with a small tree growing as his tail. Apprentice, Stretchpaw

Chimaera - a orange-brown she with a lion's mane and a snake for a tail. Can breath fire.

Gabenose - a somewhat overweight tom who wears glasses and twoleg clothes. But he sure is worth the weight.

Rainbowwhisker - a light pink-and-ginger mottled she with rainbow whiskers.

Fuzzyfur - a calico she with ridiculous amounts of fuzzy fur.

Sinwhisper - a light red she with a blade at the end of her tail and black ribbons in her fur.

Apprentices: Rubberpaw - a tortoiseshell she wearing copious amounts of Silly Bandz.

Corpsepaw - a grey-and-yellow tom who is slowly rotting away.

Alphapaw - a light orange tom with the first 13 letters of the alphabet all over his fur.

Betapaw - a light purple she with the last 13 letters of the alphabet all over her fur.

Stretchpaw - a forest green tabby tom with stretchy limbs and neck.

Queens: Paintedpelt - a white she with paint splatters all over fur and a paint brush tail. (mother to Onekit, a black she with green stripes, and Zerokit, a green tom with black stripes.

Featherfur - a dark brown she with a white head and feathers instead of fur. (mother to Stripekit, a tom with pink and blue banding-type stripes, Bloomkit, a silver she with orchids beginning to sprout from her fur, and Scourgekit, a black kit with a single white paw.)

Elders: Galaxytalon - a plain grey-blue she who seems to be crazy.

Echofang - a light yellow-and-red tom with tiny batlike wings.

AN: im guna leve out da othr 2 clanz bcuz they arnt importn yet adn i want thm suprize! agin thx to Sin 4 helpin me!