SilverPelt (source)

Chapter 1

My first trollfic! One-shot! No flames! It's mostly trollish character wise!

Disclaimer!: I do not own Warriors!


This is the story of SilverStar! A great and awesome cat who saved the Clans when she was an apprentice!

First she was born, and she was glowing! The medicine cat stared in amazement, he had never seen a kit like this! Or any kit, for that matter, and all the cats worshipped her!

She opened her eyes for the first time, and everyone was staring at her! "Hi!"

Everyone fainted because her voice was so pretty! SilverKit realized she knew everything, and so she knew that the Clans were in danger!

"Make me an apprentice!" She said to the leader!

"Yes," Volcanostar said! He was a big orange cat with lava coming out of him! He made her an a apprentice, and then

the Dark Forest attacked!

SilverPaw defeated all of them by glowing, and then Volcanostar made her a warrior and called her SilverPelt! They all thought that they would live happily ever after, and SilverPelt got a mate! They had kits on a rainy stormy night, and all that disappeared after she had her kits! There was Sparklekit, Shimmerkit, and Starkit!

But then Tigerstar became really big and powerful! And then he attacked the Clans, and Volcanostar died! The deputy died too! Then all the cats said SilverPelt should become leader! And she said she would! She went to the Moonpool alone because she was too awesome for company, and she knew everything! She got ninety lives because she was so awesome!

Then she went back to AwesomeClan! When she did that she turned into silver, because that sort of thing happens to leaders, remember Volcanostar?! So she turned into silver and fell on the ground with a clunk! They decided she was not allowed to be leader anymore, and Starkit was given the position of leader instead! She liked her new name, StarStar, because stars are pretty and she has two of them in her name! She was an awesome leader, and she got all of her mother's lives! And she had stars in her pelt because the leader thingy!

The end!


I enjoyed writing this! I hope you enjoyed reading it! No flames! That would sadden me!