Smokekit's Epic Quest (source)

Chapter 1

Dis is abot 4 clans in a nu territory. The clans are stupidclan, happiclan, funnyclan, and dirtclan. It tks plac in funyclan, wer a ne her wil arrive.

Chaptr on: a new her

Bublebee looked at daisyflower's kits. "dasyflower they are beutiful what are their nams" sad bumblbe. "the teeny tiny on wil be namd kawaiikit, the messy on will bee rustledkit the one that looks like an but will be buttock skit and the last one will be called smokekit" repied the other qeen. "gooed nams" said bumblebee. "why havt dey opined dere is yet"mowed bubblebee. Just ten the med cat sugrswallower came in. "strclan set a propechy" said sugaswalloer. "smok will chas deat and dom awa" wut dus dat men?" Sad daiseflower. Den, kawaiikikt butttokkit and rustedkit opind dere eyes!111!1 kawaikit had desu pink eyes and fur fluffier den teh spftest pillo in deh universe!11! rustledkit had bown fur. He had a grilla fr a hed. b Ad butttttockit looed like but finnaly smokeit had pin and ranbo fer. "wak up smokit1" sad awaiikit, her desu pik orbs glew as deh sun111!1! smokekit opened his eys! His yes were lim gren. "im gon b warier" he mowed. He was indeed.

Yey fist chapturr!