Sparklekits Destiny (source)

kittis biorn

p style="text-align: left;"strongOmg guises u mite noe me from Sunkiz profeisy but I gived up ot that stroy cuz I dint lik hoe I mad it so Imma sturt ovir onto SPARKLEKITZES DESTINY! I hop u lik this itll be lik 100x timz bettur!`111!11! okai lez get sturted. btw dis tacks plais after STARLIGHT, so neer te beegining of TWILIGHT (sparkle if u kno wut I mean laolololol) kay fur real lez strut/strong/p
p style="text-align: left;"Starcaln runned from ta skies to run to run over to tonercaln nurserie. 'Noo live is beeing bron" sade BlooStur as she runs into the den, running. A quinie nammed "Crayolapelt" who had all the collars in the wordl on hur fur gav burt to kits! "Lez nam the blak and red won Evilkit, ta Porpill and grine won will be Barnykit and da ranbow won wit spaprkles shall be SPARKLEKIT!" she sed alloed to de medisin kat leafpoop who helpd Crayolapelt gift burt to her kiz. Spakulkit poned her eyes slowly and opened them as she opened them quitely. Opennin hur eyes she cood see the silver shaps of Strawclan locking round her. "She iz profesy we can see it in her eyes." sed boostar as the other stralwlcan cats agreed. "yes we sold mak her a propfy" sed LionStar, loser of loincaln. And so, thei runned away fom the nosery and runned up, running to the skies to discuzz bout the profsy./p
p style="text-align: left;"strongI hop u lik red and review and o ocorse my spelling is spore bad Im sroy Im to exited wit all des ccreeaitif joizes oozing out of my brain i cant contian dem all lolol leaf a review like pretty plz wit a cheroy on top love u bye/strong/p