Sparklekit's Epicness (source)


A/N: Don't kill me. Please. Well, I was inspired to write a Trollfic. Don't ask. Anyway, this is meant to be a funny Trollfic. Okay? Got it? Good. Alright... let's begin with the prolouge.


"OW!" The ugly black she-cat moaned. Two kits came out. One was another ugly, black kit.

"Oh mouse-dung I made one that looks like me! I want a better kit!" She cursed. The medicine cat, a brown tabby, suddenly got wide eyed.

"Look at the other one though!" She squealed, eyes about to pop out of their sockets. "She looks AMAZING!" It was true. The other kit was an awesome looking sky blue she-kit! "OMSC!" The ugly black she-cat screamed. "SHE'S SOO AMAZING!"

"STORMFACE COME HEREEEE!" The she-cat's squeal filled the air. A big, handsome gray tom burst through the mouth of the den. "Look at our kits!"

"Ugh, that black one... BUT OMG THE BLUE ONE!" His face lit up with joy. "SHE SPARKLES IN THE MOONLIGHT!"

The ugly black she-cat grinned. "I know! Wait, let's name her SPARKLEKIT!" She mewled, overjoyed. "Yes! Oh, the clan will LUV her!" Stormface hugged her mate, his eyes filled with happiness. Joy, pure joy and happiness.

"Um... aren't ya gonna name the other kit, Blacktwist?" The medicine cat murmured. "Oh," Blacktwist said. "Um... he'll be Nightkit. Nothing special."

Suddenly, the sky began to shimmer and shine. Stormface looked out and saw the stars gathering together to form a cat. The cat sparkled and shone as he stepped down, into the den.

"Blacktwist, Stormface... Your kit, Sparklekit, is very special." The cat meowed, glancing at the blue shinning kit.

"We already know that, I mean, she's awesome! DUH!" Blacktwist grunted, rolling her eyes.

"Yes, but-" Suddenly, the cat began to fade. "Oh fox-dung, why do I have to fade within like five seconds?" And before you could say 'Cupcakes!' the mysterious cat disappeared.

"Huh, I wonder what that was." Blacktwist muttered. The medicine cat facepalmed.

"PROPHECY, DUH!" (Too much 'DUH!', lol.)

"Eh, Don't think so. Let's randomly wait until Sparklekit's an apprentice to see." Stormface suggested.

"Okay!" Blacktwist mewed. And with that, Sparklekit's story began.


A/N: First chapter coming in five minutes!