Sparklestar's Clan (source)

Chapter 1

Welcome, everyone, to your doom- my first troll-fic. I know most have either bad spelling, grammar, etc, but mine will just have mary-sues and gary-stues, all that good stuff.

Hopefully I won't make too many mistakes :P


~Marble out

"Sparklekit, from this moment on, you will be known as Sparkleheart. I name you deputy of AmazingClan for showing your bravery through catching your first prey- a bear!" The newly named warrior stood proudly, gazing down at her Clanmates.

When they stopped yowling her new name, she decided she didn't only want to be deputy- she wanted to be leader! So, she slipped into the leaders' den and crept up to his nest. Sparkleheart had sharpened her claws just for this opportunity. Her heart pounded in her chest as she raised her paw and slammed it onto Bravestar's throat, killing him.

She expected him to be completely dead, so you can imagine her surprise when after a few heartbeats, he started gasping for breath.