Sunkits Prophecy (source)

Chpater 1: New kitz

Very frist storie. I dnt meen too b liek a trolfic butt pls doent flam withoute rpoper reesin. Mai spelkimg is kindah bad. Srory.

Straclan cats wrer gathurd 2geddur in de hevenlee starepelt, waching over the four calns. Bluestar, a fromer thundurclan leadr, now a new membr of the menny ded ansisters that r gardeins of the for clans. A kwaii meowl caim from the Thundurcaln nursoree. All the straclan worriers came to see wuT Was goinge on. to dair surpize, a quene had kits! The frist kit was a smal, poony kit with naivee bloo eyes, goldine fur and her forhed had a pach of liter fur shaipd like a sun! The secind kit was a hansum kit thatt had green eyez, blue fur with darkur strips on his back amd a wite belly, but dint evin COMPAIR to de golden kit, even do he was hansum. De thrid kit wus an avurij kit with blak stripz and yellow fur, ambir eyes, and was the biggist. "OMG THEI AL SO KAWAI!" Squeeld deir mudder, Pinewood. "THE GOLDEN 1 WILL BE SUNKIT! The yellow won will b BEEKIT! And de blue kit will be BLUEKIT!" Exlaimed de new mudder. "Sunkit loks like a kit of prophecy" sed bluestra. All the cats nodded in straclan. Soon, dei will send a messij of de noo prophecy.

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