tangyoragnes spicyMess (source)

a spicy prologue

here s a great story for u. its is call Tangyorange's SpicyMess. Enjoy.

in a shadowy spice rack, stood hundreds of translucent cats. they were sitting in a circle around a dark orb, staring into it intently.

one of them, a brown tabby with amber eyes, spoke. "the time has come to release spiciness onto the world of the living!1!"

another one, a black tom with a white paw and blue eyes said "yes!11! we will control the clans and get revenge for the misfortunes they had caused us all those years ago11!1!111! also sorry for murdering you tigerstar"

the third one, who was another brown tabby said "nothing can possibly stop our plan!1!"

the ball of darkness fell off the spice rack, knocking the another cat, a brown tabby tom with a white stomach and blue eyes off.

"well. there goes hawkfrost" said the black cat.

tigerstar giggled. "haha slapstick is great. but who cares if he's dead honestly hawkfrost sucked and became a weeaboo."

the black cat gasped. "what!?1!? you are against anime!?1?1!? you know what?/ i take it back11!1 im NOT sorry for killing you, i WONT work with you on this plan, AND IM GONNA KILL YOU AGAIN1!11"

all of the cats gasped!11!

"wait we can make this work"

but it was too late. tigerstar plummeted downwards with hawk frost.

scourge watched the cat fall down into the world of the living.


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