TROLLFIC! teh sister prophesy (source)

Chapter 1

hiii tis mi frst FIC!s !\

kk lest jet surted!

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Chepter on prologe

Teh cat SCREMED. "Don worry youll hav BOOTIFUl kitems howled jay. "nUU" said teh shecat. "Teres no tiem tog et u bck to Camp! so giv birth here!"


"nU what?"

Den evry1 laffed.

ts Not FUNNY!' said JAyfather. "she gonna dei!" Bawt he laffed 2. lionblaz's mat cried den DIED. "NUUUUUUU!'"'' said Lion an ice cheered.

"But wayt" siad Icejayjayfish(AN: search this up on youtube and watch an entire video. I dare you.) A ranbow wit al the calors evn white & blak shone other dem an i staphed ranning. Jayfaether clawwed the kit out. "This kit has been blokking the entrante n she lust too many blods. Dusty dirty scrub!" lion420Blazit agred.


2 kittems poped out! they were ranbow!

"THIS IS A PROPHICY!" yowed "The spectral rinbow wil prevail ovar teh dirty dust that is dirty by the spectral rinbow!""

"yaYA!" yelled (tem) Lionblazin.

Chappter too the aprentise

Rainbowkit woked up n ranned outside. its nice out heh" sad Spectrumkit happly. then dirtKit scrammbels out. "shut up n go iSNIDER! u DONT get 2 be apprentixe!" ranbowkit screed at her slave. 'nu dont be mena she not our slaev!' hissed sectrum inside her head. 'srry' she thought bak. 'but she's a horrible cat! sh ekilled ur mom! jut by beyang born!' Dirkit was huge wen she was in stomache causin ther muma to dei but she hadn grown since den and was sickly an thin as papyr(us). ye spectum an ranbowkit were smarter dan there clabnmate s dey new wat papr is.

"hey kawaihart waifus u are my SENpazies!" SCREEMED SQUIRELFLIGHT AS SHE ROCKETD TOWRDS THEM tryin to mat they all SCREAEMED "LIONblaZ HALPPPP!"'

An hecame an SAVAgd sqerelflight "yo r banished' he sad to him. "No!" he creid. "I luv the RAnbow Twins!" spetrum did nt mind dat she sad ranbow insted of spectrum bc he ws obcviously demented n crzy.

"How did i not notic u were crazy? cried brambstar sad his mat was evil, he faced her an began to bnish her. but wayte leonblayze mewed only somone dispicable like her culd mentor dirt so kep her fine but only untill dirtkit becoms warya

"which is neva" sad swurelfligh happly she danced arund dirkit she cried tis was nofare! she got a weaboo cet insed of a nic kitty

NO flamin! i spen 3 oures(ruining my grammar)!

(60 spelling issues! Have i impressed you, Stargleam?)