The Beautiful White Lies (source lost, mirrored from here)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: As the original upload of this fic no longer exists and this is a mirror of a mirror from a third party that does not preserve the formatting, we cannot promise accuracy to either the formatting nor the chapter names.

Chapter 1

Teh firt ting Angskit sa wus her mama faling of teh clif! And den teh dags chasd atter her!11111 ANGSTKIT CRYED WITH SHOC.

Den herr daddeh Scourg paded up 2 her "angstkit" he sed "u must join blodclan"

"neverrr!" sed angstkit she run away den firstar showd up and kiled scourg "no daddeh" sed angstkit but seh did nut car insted seh run to sadowclan and sed "HIII TIGGERSTAR!1111111111!" but tiggerstar wus nut ther he wus ded. so seh went to kawaiiclun and JOINED!11111!