The Blazing Comet (source)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Spinoff that runs parallel to The Lunar Destiny.

Chapter 1

The people have spoken, you wanted the spinoff, so I took the liberty of writing the first chapter of it. Enjoy.

For those who are not reading The Lunar Destiny; I suggest you go read it, or at least read the allegiance. I am not reposting it on here. But yeah, for those who haven't read The Lunar Destiny, this is a spinoff of that story following Cometpaw and his point of view.


"The comet will forever face the wrath of the lunar skies, but one day, the comet will defeat his antagonist"

That voice, unfamiliar and silky, had whispered in the corner of Cometkits mind, just out of reach of his awareness, for as long as he had lived. Now six moons later, it spoke again, but still out of range for Cometkit to hear it.

"Cometkit, wake up honey," his mother said as she shook him awake, the red kit opened his matching red eyes to stare at his mother; Frostwing, the white she-cat smiled at him as she pushed him to stand, "Today is a very special day, Cometkit. Do you know what day it is?"

The tom thought for a moment before smiling brightly, "It's my apprentice ceremony!" he squeaked happily.

"You're right," Frostwing said, a proud smile on her face as she licked the top of her sons head, "You'll become an apprentice, and I'm sure you'll be an amazing apprentice too!"

He stepped away from her, a smile on his face though as he complained; "Mooom! I'm going to be an apprentice today, you can't baby me anymore!"

But she just tackled him and purred, "You're my baby son, I'll baby you as much as I want!" she said playfully.

The two laughed before she got up to wake up his sister; Lunarkit. his smile fell to a frown when she was woken up, Frostwing poking her to get her to wake up, his sister was hard to awake at times. Of course she had to be stubborn in her sleep today of all days.

Not wanting to deal with her at the moment, he left but was able to hear Lunarkit wake up asking 'what's going on?'

Right as he sat down, the purple, oh excuse me, the dark purple almost black she cat ran past him, skidding to stop at the very front, pushing anyone in her way to the side.

Their clan leader, Fallingstar, paid no mind to her behavior as he called in a clan meeting, the cats gathered and Frostfur gave her kits proud looks as they stood tall and proud, but the excitement clear.

Fallingstar began the ceremony, starting with his sister, he spoke of how she had great energy of whatever and assigned Graniteheart to be her mentor. Not that Cometkit had anything against the tom but he was glad Graniteheart wasn't his mentor, the guy was kind of a push over. Didn't really have the confidence to order cats around, even his own apprentice.

But their leader moved on, going to Cometkit, and the red tom felt his heart beat pick up with anticipation, "Cometkit, because you've already shown signs of being exceptionally intelligent, I see it only fitting to have Blueflame mentor you. I feel as though she would be the only one who would be able to keep you on your toes and sharpen that mind of yours into a great weapon. From now on you will be known as Cometpaw."

Cometpaws eyes widened at hearing who his mentor was going to be blue furred cat who approached him, hesitantly, he touched noses to Blueflame. He knew little to nothing about his mentor, Blueflame had always been a silent cat, rarely talking and to be honest? It intimidated him, a lot.

As the clan went back to normal, the two mentors and apprentices sat by each other in silence until Graniteheart spoke up.

"How about we tour Nightclans territory?" He offered, both Cometpaw and Blueflame nodded to agree with that but it was Lunarpaw who argued.

"I want to train!" she demanded, Cometpaw resisted the urge to let out a heavy sigh at her demand and again resisted to do so when Graniteheart just blindly agreed with her. Poor Graniteheart, his sister was going to walk all over the warrior.

As they began walking away, Cometpaw glanced up at his mentor, "I'd rather tour Nightclan territory...if that's okay?" he asked hesitantly, not sure if it was his place to ask or not.

But Blueflame nodded and soon they were out of the camp and walking to the border, the entire walk was silent until they had reached SunClans border.

"I want to get you familiar with where our territory ends before we do anything else," she explained as she began refreshing some of the markers, and Cometpaw found himself surprised that she was actually talking. He had expected the she-cat to go through his entire training without saying a word. Maybe it was just when they were with larger groups of cats was when she went silent.

"This is the border we share with SunClan, they're decent cats, I'd say if we were ever in trouble, SunClan would be the clan to go to for help," she explained as they continued on walking. They went through the other borders and she gave a brief description of each clan. She even had Cometpaw refresh some markers on the MoonClan boarder.

By the time they had finished walking along the borders, the sun was going down and Cometpaws paws were sore from walking for so long. But Blueflame assured him that he would get used to it and soon he could walk twice the distance without getting sore. But that didn't do anything to the fact that he was hungry too right now, so the idea of going to camp and eating a nice juicy mouse really satisfied him.

"I want you to go to Bleedinghearts den when we get back to camp, get something for your paws, then you can eat," Blueflame said as they approached the camp entrance.

Cometpaw nodded and hurried through the bramble entrance and to the medicine cats den, the faster he had his paws checked, the sooner he could eat that mouse. Though for some odd reason, the entire camp seemed so...excited.

"Cometpaw, I see you're back," Bleedingheart said smiling brightly.

He nodded at her, "Yeah, just finished circling our territory, Blueflame said you could do something to help sooth my aching paws," He said sitting down. He watched the medicine cat nod and go get some herbs, chewing on them and mixing them.

While she did this, Gingerpaw smiled as she walked towards him, "Did you hear about your sister?" she asked and he shook his head to say no, "She died! But then she came back to life!" Gingerpaw exclaimed with excitement and Cometpaw nearly chocked on the air he was breathing.


The apprentice smiled, "Lunarpaw ate some deathberries but she came back to life. Fallingstar decided that she was going to be a clan leader when she became a warrior."

Cometpaw just stared at her, his mind unable to process this. Their clan leader had just decided to make Lunarpaw, his arrogant, dimwitted and egotistic sister a candidate for becoming clan leader? Had he lost his mind or something?

Had Nightclan lost their mind or something? That was the better question there.

the red apprentice was so frozen in shock he hadn't even noticed that Bleedingheart had finished with his paws and that he could leave. It took him a few minutes to recover but just barely. His body was on autopilot as it left the den and started eating. Even when he had finished eating and went to his nest in the Apprentice Den to sleep, his mind was still a blank and his body acting on its own.


There you have it, chapters 1-2 or three of Lunar Destiny in Cometpaws POV. Now you guys are going to be able to know all of what Cometpaws thoughts throughout the story.