The Glittering Empress (source)

Allegiances and Prologue

(A/N: Hey, y'all, this is my attempt at writing a trollfic. I don't know how funny/horrible it's going to be, so bare with me. If you have ideas for how I could improve the terribleness of the story, let me know. I want to make this as bad as possible (though with mostly correct grammar). )

The Glittering Empress



Leader: Moralstar- black tom

Deputy: Goodheart- ginger she-ca

Medicine Cat: Doctorwho- dark brown tom


Firestorm- boring tortoiseshell he-cat

Wildflame- boring ginger tom

Hopevegetable- gray she-cat

Sunmuffin- ginger she-cat

Blueberry- dark blue-gray she-cat

Ashphone- dark gray tom

Vitaminheart- white tom

Tacobreath- cream-collored mot


Sandpaw- boring ginger she-cat

Dictionarypaw- brown and white tom

Netflixpaw- read she-cat

Nerdpaw- boring blueish tom


Cinderclaw- boring silver she-cat (mother of Basketballkit- orange tom and Elephantkit- gray tom)

Sparkledawn- ginger se- kat (mother of Jaykit- gray tom and Tattletalekit- brown she-cat)

Majesticexcellency- beautiful golden tabby with crown-shaped markings on her hed and brillian greed eyes (mother of Empresskit- gorgeous pale pink fur with golden star-shaped spots and rainbow eyes and Dumbkit- dumb boring brown to)


Leader: Hopestar- ugly black mot

Deputy: Weirdlookingface- brown she-ca with a werd-luking face

Medicine cat: Herbmouth- green she-ca


Meaniehead- mean ugly tom

Bossyleaf- bossy ginger she-cat

Snowwhite- white she-cat

Grayfoot- boring tom with gray paws

Lilybeauty- purple tom

Tigertail- black and white tom

Princessheart- brown and white tom

Disneychannelisawesomeheart- purple she-cat


Evilpaw- possibly evil red tom

Nicepaw- possibly nice white she-cat


Roseugly- yellow and black she-cat (mother of rodentki- black tom and ididn'twantkitskit- rejected she-kit)

Tansyheart- boring slender ginger she-cat with green eyes (mother of Starkit and Mallowkit- long-furred black she-cats with white chests and amber eyes)


A starry cat looked into a pol. Anudder starry cat asked "Wut is it?"

"A prophecy!" the first starry cat sed. "Out of the dumb stuff, a glittering empress will come and get rid of the dumb and mean stuff!"

"It's about Empresskit!" the second starry cat exclaimed.

The first starry cat nodded. "Empresskit will be the savor of the Clans, Firestar. We will need to guide her and make sure everyone knows that she is perfect!"

"She will be the best leader the Clans have ever seen someday!" Firestar meowed. "Thank you for seeing dis profecy, Bluestar."

Bullstar nodded. "An Empress alone will save PerfectClan."

"I'll teel Doctorwho," Firtsar meowed, walking away from the pool.

(A/N: Was dat gu? Man, it's heard typing like that. Anyway, flame away if you want to!)