Trollfic: The Legend of Kitkit (Discontinued) (source)

Chapter 1

Attention: This is a Trollfic. It is supposed to be extremely stupid to the point of humor. I only ask for no flames or discouraging reviews. If you do, I will call you out on the chapter. Also: Warning to infuriating grammar!



Leader: Yolostar- pure golden tom with purple eyes

Deputy: Randomfeets- Vibrant purple tom with large paws and red eyes

Medicine Cat: Yodaskin- Ugly green tom with pale yellow eyes; always talks backwards

Apprentice: Stuffingherbs- Small fuzzy green fat she-cat with herbs always sticking out of her mouth and olive green eyes


Moonkitti- Tiny pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes and darker pointed ears; would rather be youtubing than learning to kill

Whyanything- Always confused pale purple tom with green cheeks and blue eyes

(Apprentice: Weegeepaw)

Tackyclaw- Small black tom with yellow eyes and always wearing unfashionable clothes

Tigerclone- Another dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Owlbarf- Rusty brown she-cat with green eyes; always sick

Jackiechanguy- Brown tom who's always watching Jackie Chan movies

(Apprentice: Hemanpaw)

Harrydude- Gray brother of Jackiechanguy who watches Harry Potter movies

Foggyboi- Silver tom with a cloud of fog always surrounding him

(Apprentice: Foreveralonepaw)

Chickenleg- White she-cat with hairless legs

Bingeface- Small black she-cat who always binges something

(Apprentice: Chubbypaw)

Fillergal- White she-cat- that's it, she's filler

(Apprentice: Nobodypaw)



Nobodypaw- A gray tom who's a nobody

Chubbypaw- Obese tan she-cat

Weegeepaw- random green and brown tom

Hemanpaw- A blonde tom wearing blue shorts and always sings

Foreveralonepaw- Lonely blonde she-cat


Mymom- Silver she-cat with pink eyes (mother of Kitkit, Airkit, and Evilkit)

Dataunt- Silver she-cat with rainbow eyes (Mother of Dadkit, and Angrykit)


Missingno- Glitchy tom


Kitkit- brown she-cat with angel wings

Airkit- orange tom who honks instead of meows

Evilkit- Blood red tom with blue eyes

Dadkit- tan kit with an auburn goatee

Angrykit- Bright solid red kit with blue eyes


In starclam we see Fiyaster who has to be dere every tim. He is trying to get thro to sndstam who is currntly stuffing potatos cheeps inta Dusfpelts mouth. "How dware ya hung wuth Dastpelf!" he ywls.

Duftpat suddenwy scweems about some evil kit about to madur evwy won. Samstor looks up at Fiwestee and fwowns. "We dan't have evil kits en Strawclam!" she laughed. Fuerster slaps Duftface and demands him to explwan. Sandsung internwally screamd.

Cwan we just gib it gweencoff?" Sadstom asked. Firesteen glars at Samstorm. "If ya want to raise it," he nagged. Swandstam wants to lep off a cleff. "Ho seves the da?" she asskd.

Dustpat grinned evily. "We jst call her Kitkit!" Sanstom faints.

Meanwhile on actwal erth, Mymom gasps weth horra. "Wee ar nut namin hem Evilkit!" She shwted. The dd, Yolostar shook his hed. "Hs blld redd," he punted out. Mymumm glrs at Yelonster. "Scwu ya," she muttrd.

Den Airkit honks. "Shadup!" everyone screms. Evonket sads up. "I wan ta keel ya," he squeaked. "Omigosh! Nawww!" Yelasta cooes. "Ewww," Dataunt muttas. Memum laks at the bwon umemed kat. "Kitkit," sha purrz.

Da bwon ket locks up. "Dat Boi?" she askz. Kitkat waz punting at Airkat. Datunt sihed. "Dats Airkit, the hunker," she tld Kerkit. Kermik gasps! "Awhun!" she mows. Aurkit hinks.

Den Kiki dwew ha sad. "Shad hem up an Eye stb ya!" Evakat locked at Keetyeet. "I wan dat sawd!" he yowls. Yolanste ywns. "Im bawd," he mooned.

Den Yulustee levs. Ddki gut up. "Yo," he mowed. Angrykit shurped hes clees. "Em weth ya," he moos. Enwecat levs behind Yulustik. Den he wetruns. "Bingeface, Harrydude, an Chubbypaw arewatching huwy purter on the flitscwen," he annoced. Evinkat facpums. "I wint ta pley call of puty!" he demands. Dafit smeles. "I hep ya," he offrd. "Jackiechanguy wans ta hep as well!"

Kitkeet ynms. Den she flls aseep fur seex mons. She bwefly saws samsung and lears uf Dastpurt's stapid pwophawcy. "Imma bee kitster," she mows.