The Lunar Destiny (source)


(As usual, bold is me, underlined bold is Spades)Someone suggested that since we review so many trollfics, we should try writing one ourselves. So here we go; The Lunar Destiny.

We will be winging this and making it all up as we go. We won't plan out a plot, we wont plan ahead like we do most other actual stories/fanfics we write (Which I noticed we only ever posted 1 fanfic we've written on here. M.C WE MUST CHANGE THAT

Calm your tits, Spades. Lets just write. I call first chapter, you get the next.




Fallingstar- A black with white spotted tom

Deputy: Honeybear- A large, intimidating golden tom

Medicine Cat: Bleedingheart- A ginger she-cat with brown eyes

(Apprentice: Gingerpaw)


Hickerybranch: A brown tom with brown eyes

(Apprentice: Echopaw)

Frozensoul: A white she-cat with piercing blue eyes

Sparklemoth: A pitch black she-cat

Daisydream: A white tomcat with green eye

Dewcloud: A brown tom with sleek fur.

(Apprentice: Wolfpaw)

Sweetsong: A she-cat with brown fur and half a tail

Talltail: A grey tom with long legs

Onepelt: A shecat with yellow fur

Graniteheart: A gray tomcat

(Apprentice: Lunarpaw)

Silentsong: A shecat with black and white fur

Firewing: A blazing orange tom with green eyes

Blueflame: A quiet cat with a blue pelt

(Apprentice: Cometpaw)


Blackcat: A black shecat

Frostwing: A white shecat, mother to Lunarpaw and Cometpaw

Eyecloud: A brown she-cat


Lunarpaw: A beautiful shecat with dark purple almost black fur and bright green eyes.

Cometpaw: A red tom with red eyes.

Gingerpaw: A grey she-cat with blue eyes

Echopaw: A black and white stripped she-cat

Wolfpaw: A blue-gray tom.


Tornadokit: A gray she-cat (Mother Eyecloud)

Floodkit: A blue tom (Mother Eyecloud)

Bearkit: A brown cat (Mother Blackcat)


OneLeg: a three legged tom

Dulleye: A blind shecat


Horsestar: A brown tom

Deputy: Leopardfleece: A spotted she cat

Medicine cat: Sparkletongue: A she cat with light blue fur


Lambheart: A tabby tom

(Apprentice Oceanpaw)

Obsidianclaw: A black she cat

(Apprentice Snakepaw)

Talonfur: A calico she cat

Spikeclaw: A tom with spikey sandy fur

(Apprentice Firepaw)

Sleetfall: A white tom

BurningIce: A white tom with ginger patches

Frostflame: A ginger she cat with white stomach

(Apprentice Starpaw)

Raventail: A black she cat


Monkeypelt: A brown she cat (Mother of Brokenkit)

Houndfang: A tortoiseshell she cat (Mother of Rookkit and Cobblekit)

Tawnyface: A light tabby she cat (Mother of Pantherkit)


Firepaw: A ginger tom

Snakepaw: A gray tom

Starpaw: A purple she-cat

Oceanpaw: A dark blue she cat


Brokenkit: A she cat with a broken paw

Pantherkit: A black she cat

Cobblekit: A dark gray tom

Rookkit: A black tom


Sootyash: A dark gray tom

Morningglory: a calico she cat


Hotstar: A tortoiseshell tom

Deputy Phoenixblaze: A fiery ginger tom

Medicine Cat Tigerbarb: A dark tabby she cat with white paws

(Apprentice: Treepaw)


Fuzzyfur: A fuzzy she cat with ginger fur.

Beetleclaw: A dark blue tom

(Apprentice Jaypaw)

Creekfoot: A tortoiseshell tom

Mosseye: A black she cat

Wildjewel: A gray tom

Brightprism: A light tabby tom

Bramblespark: A dark tabby she cat

(Apprentice Eclipsepaw)


Tangleheart: A she cat with tangled brown fur

Scarflower: A red she cat with a scar on her back


Jaypaw: a gray-blue tom with blue eyes

Treepaw: A brown tom

Eclipsepaw: A black she cat with a white belly


Wishkit: A silver she cat

Fluffkit: A fluffy white tom


Rubywing: A reddish she cat

Lemonfeather: A yellowish she cat


Jupiterstar: A golden colored tom.

Deputy Cherrydrop: a white tom

Medicine Cat Fleabite: An old brown she cat

(Apprentice Spiritpaw)


Lightchase: A white she'cat

Cheesetail: A yellow-gray tom

(Apprentice Howlpaw)

Sapphiretail: A green she-cat

Rockyroad: A muddy brown tom

Bluetalon: A blue she cat

(Apprentice Songpaw)

Foxclaw: A russet colored tom.


Snowclaw: A white she cat (Mother of Amazonkit, Craigskit, and Angieskit)

Dynamitepad: A reddish orange she cat


Howlpaw: A dark gray with black stripes tom

Spiritpaw: A silver colored tom

Songpaw: A white she-cat


Amazonkit: A white she cat (Mother Snowkit

Angieskit: A black she cat (Mother Snowclaw)

Craigskit: A gray tom, (Mother Snowclaw)


Toadheart: A grouchy old tom


It was dark as the cats of Starclan gathered around a pool filled with glistening stars. Their fur was made of stars as well.

"There is a prophecy!" One starry cat; Kitsunestar, declared earning the undivided attention of the others, "The Lunar moon must rise up and destroy the blazing comet!" the leader whispered loudly.

"It's about Lunarkit!" A large tom cried out, tears running down his face, "She is destined to have more power than anyone ever imagined!"

Kitsunestar nodded joyfully somber, "We must alert Bleedingheart of this prophecy!"

"I will do it," a pink starry cat said as she stepped forward, "I'll tell Bleedingheart," she said turning around and walking away to tell Bleedingheart of the prophecy.


So what did you guys think? Trollish enough for you guys? Leave a review and let Spades and I know. Next chapter you get to meet said cats.

Heads up: we're taking things we've learned from other troll fics into writing this; so obnoxiously 'pure' character (More like 'you can't be mean! you must be good and moral cats and always say and do nice things!' kind of pure. The annoying kind) as well as 'everyone loves her'.