The Son Prophcy (source)

A prophcy

Hay guys! Thes is my ferst fanficctiun, so no flames pleas and thank you!


Brite lite spred throuh the are, and the gingr cta at the bordur opned his eyes wide. "The son will reech forth from the darknes and bring lite to the world." The silvur cat beside him gaspd "what doeti mean?!"

Furs tar shook his hed wisele. "Only tim will tel."


Sunniekit felyt the warmthh of her mothetrb pow don her bak. She scwermed tryng to get comfterble. "Sunnykite" Her mothr Dapletoe whisperd. Sunnykit presst her fac into the mos nest. "Sunniekite!"

"Whaat?" Teh goldn she-kitt murmerwd into the mos nest of mos. She opened her brilant blue eis and flintched bak from the lite. "mmmmmmm.l..." She flappd a pow at her moathr slepply. Her mothr smild and shuk hr awak "Its youre cerminy tdy1!1!11

Sunykitt grinned sleeply an gt to her pows "I nerlie frgot thancs mumm!" she strtched oute and hedded to the frshe-kil pyle chos a mus an at it so haipy and exsited for her cerminy. the mus was plum and perfct and she snmild. Hr frend Brch kitt was woking over to her. "We becme aprentisses todyi im so esited you? arnt"

"ya" she sed haply. Hr mom smild at the to kitts and whisprd to hr frend birchkts mom "On day thel be mats tgther. ya" "" Brchkits mum Daysifer sad in agremnt. A brown cat stept ont the ghrockhi "ASl catsol d eniih to cch ther one pry gther hefr bneeath th e higrockh" trestra gthaerd rund.

"Suniykited andbrich kitt step forwer"they did.

"You ar Sunnypwo nd Birchpoaw now an yor ,mebtnors ar Leftail and rewindd" Redwend the depty stept ford. He was folld by Leftil the bst huntre in eht caln. Sunykitga sped she got her favrit cat as a menter!




Leder: Trestar- brown shect with blue eys

Depty: Rewidnd - red ctom wit hbroun eys

Medcin cat: Ivihart- silvur taby shecat with gren eys

Skithrote- greay tom with bluet eys

Leeftil- brwn tom with gren ey

Hoptfut- whit shect twith yleo eyis

Dapltoe- turtshel shecat witeh gren eys

Daysifur0- crem she-ca wth

Netlbrush- grey cat tm woth prl ey


Sunipaow- glden shecat wit brilantgren eys an whitp aws

Brickitpw- grei tm wit gren eys

Duspaow- tan tmo wotih ey