The Sparkle Chronicles (source)

Da caln!

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Hi! This is Storm and Storm-eyes-penguin of 'We are nerds united' here, with, unfortunately, a trollfic! Do not worry, we do NOT actually write as bad as this, and if you want proof, visit Storm-eyes-osprey's profile (Storm!) and look at her stories for proof! So, first of all, We fully accept that this is a Trollfic, and have decided, to make it even more awful, we are denying ourselves use of the backspace button and spellcheck, so if we make a mistake, we're stuck with it, and have to use textspeak as much as possible! Now don that macho pink cape, grab some popcorn, raid the medicine cupboard for aspirin and let the reign of the trollers commence… Trololololololololololol?! (we can use spellcheck and stuff for the alliances!)


Alliances of Kawaii clan

Leader: Starstar: Bright yellow she-cat with purple eyes

Deputy: Tarfoot: Ginger tom with black paws

Medicine cat: Aspirinface: Green she-cat with a white face and sparkly blue eyes


Woodlousefur: Brown tom with grey triangles on his pelt

Diamondgleam: Pale blue she-cat

Chaffinchleaf: Reddish brown she-cat with a white chest

Rainbowleap: Blue-purple she-cat

Flowersparkle: Powerful grey tom with amber eyes

Lampposttail: Grey she-cat with a bright yellow tail

Sparrowjump: Brown speckled tom

Whisperflame: Fluffy ginger tom with amber eyes

12345fur: Black tom with long claws and green eyes

Sunriseshimmer: reddish ginger she-cat

Burgundyeyes: Golden she-cat with warm red eyes

Ocelotclaw: Yellow spotty tom with pink eyes


Pawpaw: boring brown she-cat-Mentor: 12345fur

Microscopicpaw: Tiny white tom-Mentor: Aspirinface

Continentpaw: blue tom with green and yellow spots-Mentor: Tarfoot

Queens and kits:

Binbagsparkle: Beautiful white she-cat with glittery fur- Kits: Boringkit: Meh, n00bkit: Black tom with permanently crossed eyes (idiot), Malevolentkit: Black tom with glowing red eyes and massive fangs, Gorgeoussparklykit: Beautiful, bright pink she-cat with sparkly fur, rainbow eyes and a purple heart on her forehead.

Aquamarinewhisper: Light blue she-cat with darker blue eyes-Kits: Spiderkit: Black tom that likes to walk on the ceiling, Penguinkit: Black tom with a white face, # kit: , Fatalitykit: A fluffy white tom who likes fighting.


Now we can't use spellcheck or backspace!



"OMG a prophecy!" The sparkly starclan cat ran in2 the clearing and gasped, her eyes sparklingl brightly.

"Oh wow!" another starclan cat sprung to their paws, tail swishing joyfully

"What is it?" they asked, and trhe cat rhsat spoke before jumped up and down with energy, quaking softly.

"The gorgeous sparklr will cone and rid Kawaii clan of all evil!" Gap gasped starchan and 1 cat stapped foerawrds, flicking his tail

"It couldny be about GorgeousSpaetklykit, could it?" He asked, and starclan widened their eyes in disbelief.

"Why didn't I think of that befiere!" the cat who told the prophecy (the legenstary medicine cat, Nonameface) exclaimed, befoew staring into a pool that stood befire them. The sparkly glittery face of a gorgeous pink she-cat appeared, and all the toms in the clearing fainted onto the floor.

"She is so pretty, she will surely save the clan!" Nonameface nodded, and touched a paw tot rhe pool, ripplked spreading out dirm the spot that she touched, but the beautgheil she-cats face did not chande!1111!1111

!"Sge is indeen the prophedy cat!" another cat spoke up, her tain twirtching.

"Should we tell Asprinface?" she asked, and Nonameface nodded, bowing her heas.

"SGE needs 2 know!" with that, Nonameface and he other cat jumped into thr piool, sndf were goen from sight…...


I have to admit to putting some mistakes in this deliberately! This was actually really fun to write!

Trollorific goodbyes!

Stormy + Stormy P