The Story Of A Mary-sue (source)

Chapter 1-A kit is born

I hate I decided to make a fanfiction about a Mary-sue!

"Oh, she is perfect!" mewed Tinydawn. "The best kit ever!" Awesomestar yowled. "Yah, unlike her little cruddy sister." Tinydawn spat.

There were 2 kits next to Tinydawn's belly, a beautiful pink little she-kit and next to her was a little runt with plain black fur with a brown splash on her face.

"Let's name the cute little pink she-cat Sparklekit." Awesomestar purred. "And let's name that thing Mudkit!" Tinydawn sneered. Awesomestar nodded.

5 moons later...

"Hello Sparklekit!" said Stonepaw. "Hi!" She answered, aqua eyes shining. Then Mudkit stumbled forward her amber eyes full of excitement.

"Tell me when your stupid sister leaves." Stonepaw spat then padded away. Why does Mudkit always ruin my fun! Thought Sparklekit as she stared at her sister.

Then out of no were a badger attacked camp! Sparklekit quickly jumped on at clawed it and it ran miles away from camp. Pride shown in Awesomestars eyes.

Awesomestar jumped on the meeting branch and yowled, "Sparklekit has defeated a male badger and I have decided to make her an apprentice!" "REALLY!" mewed Sparklekit.

"Yes, of course!" Awesomestar answered. "Sparklekit from this day forward you shall be known as Sparklepaw, Your mentor will be my loyal amazing deputy, Silentsong!"

They touched noses and the clan cheered, "Sparklepaw! Sparklepaw!" When the cheers faded away Mudkit asked, "Can I become an apprentice with my sister?"

It looked like Awesomestar was about to say no when Sparklekit padded up to him and whispered something in his hear. He sighed and said, "Waspclan, we have 1 more announcement!"

Every cat looked at him in confusion. He sighed and said, "We have one more ceremony, Mudkit is now Mudpaw and her mentor will be Brickheart, clan dismissed."

Brickheart and Mudpaw touched noses and nobody cheered. Brickheart was a cold, cruel tom that expects the best of cats.

Mosspelt's POV

Mosspelt slowly fell asleep. He woke up in a green forest and he immediately knew were he was. A yellow tabby padded up to him along with a white she-cat.

"Waspstar, Diamondfur why did you bring me here?" Mosspelt asked. "There is a prophecy, in a swift pink blur the sparkling cat shall finish the darkness once and for all."

"It must be Sparklepaw!" Mosspelt gasped. She is such an awesome, beautiful young cat I'm not surprised at all!

And it's done, yep Sparklepaw is a Mary-sue.

Oh, and here's the list of the OCs!

Leader: Awesomestar-awesome red tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Silentsong-silent gray she-cat with blue eyes and when she does talk her voice is sounds beautiful


Medicine cat: Mosspelt-black and white tom


Rubyfoot: dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Tinydawn: black she-cat with blue eyes

Emeraldheart: white tom with emerald green eyes

Brickheart-ginger tom with green eyes


Feathernose-tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and has fluffy white fur around nose

Cloudtail-white tom with blue eyes


Amethystheart-purple she-cat with violet eyes

Shellfur-cream tom with amber eyes


Epicface-yellow tom with an epic face (XD)


Sparklepaw-beautiful she-kit with soft pink fur and amazing aqua eyes

Mudpaw-small she-cat with plain black fur and has amber eyes with a brown splash on face

Pawpaw-gray tom with pale green eyes(lol XD I couldn't help myself, ok? This name is just SO hilarious HAHAHA!)

Stonepaw-dark gray tom with blue eyes


SoftDaisy-brown tabby with amber eyes


Grumpyface-ginger tom with a grumpy face(lollol)

Honeyfur-cream she-cat with wary blue eyes


Leader: Gingerstar-ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Legendarypelt- black tom with amazing fur with dark blue eyes

Medicine cat: Herbwish-tortoiseshell she-cat with gray eyes


Bumblefall-brown tabby tom with white under-belly and has green eyes

Unicornstep-white she-cat with a pink piece of fur on head

Runningfur-red tom that always wakes up with dew on his fur, he also has green eyes(poor tom...)

Dustface-dark brown tom with amber eyes

Amberwind-black she-cat with amber eyes

Opalheart-rainbow she-cat with blue eyes

Brairgem-brown she-cat with green eyes


Nicesong-white tom with blue eyes(yes he is a tom XD XD)


Carpetfur-cream tom with amber eyes(I think of the best names...)

apprentice-Floorpaw(what a nice pair..)


Hopepaw-yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Floorpaw-tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Molepaw- brown tom with dark brown eyes and has a white tail-tip


Queenbee-young she-cat with pale tabby fur and has blue eyes, kits: Tomkit, gray tom(what a nice name) Leapingkit, black she-kit

Anna-orange and white she-cat with green eyes(And yes, I got that name from the movie Frozen XD)



I know what horrible names, I picked them on purpose XD. Anyway if you want your OC on here all you need to is fill out this:





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