The story of Moonkit (source)


hey guts this is my furst stroy so plzbe nicee & revuew! no flammong!



In one of teh hardst seeson- leafbare- a kiten was born in Thunderclam.. on the same momet tat kit was born the starcaln cats crouded around a big shinning rock,that lokced kind of lik a cristal.

all of a suden the cristal startebd sparkeling and tben glowed all different collours. It lit up the whole nigt sky lick a rainbow! The Starcaln's cat's eyes were wode in suprise and amaze.

"Ther wull be a prophesy." One of the Starclann cats said gaspnig. he loked at the cristal rock. "it maters to evrrycat in the Clans brcause a danger in coming that tehy canno't face. Onky 1 cat can save tem all!"

Anoter Starcaln she cat,her fur covered wit stras, gasped as she new whi it was.

"i know ut must be about moonkit!" she said. "yes she will sabe eveyrone and she will becom the hero."

do wee need to tel her?" said one cat cat.

"no" teh first car ansered. "In time she must fiugre it out for needs to follow her destriny but no one can tell her."

"OK,." said the other cat agred. "In tim she will relise her destint."

they ealked away in silent,looking doen on teh clans and worying for there futuere. starcaln knew some tings but they coult not predict everything.A dangrr? what did the propsecy mean? Will moonKit rlly save them al? or will All the Clams persish?

wel did u lik it? revvew ill update soon! !