The Worst Warriors Fanfic (source)

Chapter 1

(Hey. I told you not to touch. Well prepare to be overwhelmed with memes). Rainbowbootifulbutterflykit opened her eyes and did the default dance here mom was so proud her daghuter was the lengedery meme kit. and She taught "man i cantf beleive its" Rainbowbootifulbutterflykit was all black with red lines on here and ranbow spots!!?1!!!!!!!!!!!1!!111!1 and shr wsbas out of medm energy then they tolde her mom "im madee out of meme enegry" and then mom said "omg!111!111111111!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!you will save squidwardclan from the evil poopers of burgerclan" and then rainbowbootifulbutterflykit automatically became leader and she killed burgerclan and saveded squidwardckab TGE END jehfusebhfththrtjyrjreyjeryejtyjrthtjrjryjyjyjh and her mom also died somehow