Tom (source)

The Prophecy

Chapter One of a very, very Gary-stu fanfiction titled "Tom"


The five starry cats stared into the misty pool. A blue-gray she-cat looked into its depths. Flashes of dark images swirled in the water's pool. She looked up at the other warriors. "I have seen a prophecy."

"As have I." A bracken-colored tom nodded, his green eyes darting up and then back down to the calm pool.

"Yes, I see it, too." A massive white tom with huge jet-black paws meowed in a gruff voice.

"There is no mistaking it." A stony gray tom with brown flecks agreed.

The last cat, a small silver-gray tabby with soft white underfur and deep green eyes, looked at each cat in turn. "I... I see it, too, and it may change the Clans forever."

More and more cats padded into the hollow. They came to hear the prophecy.

"Well, Bluestar, would you like to do the honors?" The former WindClan medicine cat meowed impatiently.

The blue-gray leader sat up straight, flicking her blue eyes at each cat. With one more glance at the scene appearing in the pool, she spoke clearly, her voice ringing through the hollow. "A tom of golden fur and bright glowing eyes will bring the Clans together and clean the forest of its scars."

"You should pass this on to Firestar. He will need to hear of this." One of the star-pelted cats suggested.

"Yes, of course." Bluestar padded out of the stony hollow, leaving the other four cats by the pool.