Tom 2: Star of Valor (source)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Sequel to Tom.

The Night of Starfall

Chapter One of the Sequel to Tom


The sky was dark with moonhigh night. The blackness stretched as far as the eye could see, but the stars of Silverpelt blazed so brightly. It was as if every StarClan warrior was awake.

The cats of the four Clans were gathering in the centers of their camps. The medicine cats had received an omen from their ancestors. Tonight would be a night to remember. Elders would pass down the stories to troublesome apprentices and queens would quiet their kits with fables of this night.

A reddish-brown tabby curled his bushy tail around his two unhatched kits as he and his Clanmates waited for Jayfeather's omen to appear to them all. Anticipation surged in the Clan as unknown excitement clung to their whiskers.

"Soon," the old tabby mewed to the Clan. "Any moment now," his blind eyes were trained on the darkly bright sky.

"Do you think Jayfeather's growing musty in the head?" One of the apprentices whispered.

Suddenly the night sky jumped from its resting place, and the cats sitting on the earth jumped to their paws. All the warriors of StarClan yowled with their whistling battle cries and raced across Silverpelt with the speed of lightning.

The Clan cats gasped with amazement.

The stars streaked across their black territory. The running warriors flew above their heads with grappling speed. Each Clan cat swore they heard them whispering to them from right above their ears.

"Honeyfern?" Berrynose gasped.

"Runningwind?" The old dusky elder, Mousefur, croaked.

"Hollyleaf!" The blind tomcat Jayfeather mewed in amazement, his ears twitching wildly. "Squirrelstar!"

"Handsomehandsome!" Foxleap cried with joy.

Suddenly the biggest, brightest comet curved from its path and scathed the sky with its fiery blue tail. It flew low to the earth and grazed the top of the forest's trees. It burst with a new speed leaving a shower of glittering particles showering upon the ThunderClan camp.

The cats cheered and jumped around catching the shattered bits of starlight in their paws. One of the apprentices stuck out their tongues.

"Tastes like newleaf!" They mewed.

Foxleap purred as the starlight sprinkled his fur from red to silver. He looked down at the two eggs tucked between his paws. The purple one glittered as always and shimmered like the moon on the lake as the stardust glazed its outer shell. The dark egg repelled the starlight. The bits fluttered onto its shell and slid off like rain on stone.

Then suddenly the eggs began to glow with their own light. The ThunderClan cats stopped and turned towards the queen and his eggs.

"It's happening!" Jayfeather meowed.

Foxleap stepped back as the purple egg cracked open. Lavender light seeped through the fractures. Then it burst open. The bits of shell shattered and flew out in all directions.

A small kit was curled up where the egg had once sat.

"Handsomehandsome?" The cats gasped.

"No," Foxleap shook his head.

The kit indeed looked like his father. Except his fur was orange and his paws, belly, chest, undertail, muzzle, and ears were all dark purple. Its eyes were shut but it felt as if its eyes were glowing with soft violet flames.

Foxleap ran towards the mewling kit and began to lick it furiously. He laid out on his side and let the tiny tomkit suckle.

"What about the other?" Gaystripe pointed out.

The dark gray-brown egg slowly began to tremble. A crack ran up from the bottom and black swallowing light seeped out from the fractures. Then the shell began to peel away like the thin bark of a birch tree.

A small dark brown tabby cried feebly. It flexed its long claws.

"Tigerstar!" The warriors screamed.

"Shut up!" Foxleap hissed. "This is not Tigerstar!"

He reached out and pulled the she-kit in with a paw. He soothed its agitation with comforting licks.

"What will you name them?" Ferncloud asked.

"Hmmm..." The nursing queen looked at his two kits in turn. "Cometkit," he said to the orange-purple tom.

"How about Squirrelkit for the she-kit?" Cherrypaw suggested. "Her tail is in a tight swirl like a squirrel's tail!"

Foxleap nodded, but then a tiny object in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned his head and saw a tiny brown empty snail shell. It looked just like his kit's tail.

"Snailkit," he decided. "Cometkit and Snailkit."

The two kits mewed as their names were announced.

"You'll grow up to be just like your mother," Ferncloud cooed to them.

"And you'll make your father proud," Sandstorm purred.

"Yes, you will," Foxleap nuzzled his son and daughter affectionately.

The stars stopped blazing across the sky as the sun began to rise. The milky light of dawn cast its light upon the two kits.

From StarClan, Handsomehansome purred, "Cometkit, Snailkit, you have already made me proud."






Birchstar- Pale brown tabby tom, green eyes


Brightheart- White she-cat with ginger patches, large scar over left eye

Medicine Cat

Jayfeather- Silver tabby tom, blind blue eyes


Gaystripe- Long-furred gray tom, yellow eyes

Dustpelt- Dusky dark brown tabby tom, amber eyes, formally a rogue

Cloudtail- Long-furred white tom, blue eyes

Sandstorm- Pale ginger she-cat, green eyes

Brackenfur- Brown-and-white tom

Sorreltail- Tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, amber eyes

Thornclaw- Copper brown tabby tom

Whitewing- White she-cat, blue eyes

Spiderleg- Black tom with eight long, fuzzy spidery legs

Berrynose- Cream-colored tom, short, bobbed tail

Hazeltail- Gray-and-white she-cat

Mousewhisker- Gray-and-white tom

Cinderheart- Dark gray tabby she-cat, dark blue eyes

Poppyfrost's Statue- Tortoiseshell bramble statue, amber eyes

Toadstep- Black-and-white tom

Rosepetal- Dark cream-colored she-cat

Briarlight- Dark brown she-cat, paralyzed back legs

Blossomfall- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white flecks

Buried-Alive-Bumblestripe- Pale tabby tom, buried alive under floor of camp

Dovewing- Pale gray she-cat, blue eyes


Cherrypaw- Ginger she-cat, prone to shooting kit-lasers from her birthing canal

Molepaw- Brown tom, very boring

Lilypaw- Brown tabby she-cat

Seedpaw- Pale ginger she-cat


Foxleap- Reddish brown tabby tom, amber eyes (Father of Handsomehandsome's kits: Cometkit- Orange-and-purple tom with white pupiled eyes, Snailkit- Dark brown tabby she-cat with a tight-curled tail like a snail's shell)

Ferncloud- Gray dappled she-cat, pale green eyes (Mother of Dustpelt's Kits: [Censored because there is waaaaaay too many kits to list here])

Daisy- Long-furred cream she-cat, formally a Horseplace loner


Mousefur- Dusky brown she-cat, beautiful eyes the color of sunlit ice

Purdy- Plump gray tabby tom, formally a kittypet rogue




Mistystar- Blue-gray she-cat, blue eyes


Reedwhisker- Black tom, blue eyes

Medicine Cat

Willowshine- Gray mottled tabby she-cat, pale green eyes


Stonefur- Extra large hot dog with lightly toasted bun, mustard, ketchup, extra relish, and a cola on the side, blue eyes

Sneezefart- Lanky tomcat with a nose that never stops sneezing

Graymist- Pale gray tabby she-cat, blue eyes

Icewing- White she-cat, blue eyes

Minnowtail- Dark gray she-cat, green eyes

Pebblefoot- Mottled gray tom, green eyes

Mallownose- Light brown tabby tom, green eyes

Robinwing- Tortoiseshell she-cat-tom

Beetlewhisker- Brown-and-white tabby tom, purple iridescent eyes

Petalfur- Dark gray she-cat, green eyes

Grasspelt- Light brown tabby tom, green eyes


Hollowpaw- Dark brown tabby tom

Troutpaw- Pale gray tabby she-cat

Mossypaw- Brown-and-white she-cat

Rushpaw- Light brown tabby tom


Duskfur- Brown tabby she-cat

Mosspelt- Tortoiseshell she-cat


Dapplenose- Mottled gray she-cat

Pouncetail- Ginger-and-white tom




Onestar- Pale ginger tabby tom, unbalanced and lopsided due to only one whisker


Grumpycat- Cream-and-brown she-cat, blue eyes, formally a wedding officiant, internet meme, and movie star

Medicine Cat

Kestrelflight- Mottled gray tom


Crowfeather- Dark gray tom, blue eyes, always eats catnip

Nightcloud- Dark gray she-cat

Owlwhisker- Light brown tabby she-cat

Gorsetail- Pale gray-and-white she-cat

Weaselfur- Brown tom

Harespring- Brown-and-white tom

Leaftail- Brown tabby tom

Heathertail- Pale brown tabby she-cat, ginormous blue eyes that are the size of the moon- literally

Breezepelt- Pile of black ashes in the underground tunnels, amber eyes

Sedgewhisker- Light brown tabby she-cat

Swallowtail- Dark gray she-cat

Sunstrike- Fiery ball of fire she-cat


Doesn'tcarepaw- A list of unimportant WindClan apprentices


Lol, there's almost never any WindClan queens- Low birthrate much?


Deadfoot- Black tom back from the dead


New ShadowClan


Tawnystar- Tawny she-cat, green eyes, rudely mistaken as a tortoiseshell way too many times


Smokefoot- Gray-black tom

Medicine Cat

Havenheart- Black-and-white she-cat, amber eyes, formally of RiverClan


Coppertail- Pale brown she-cat, golden eyes

Stormcloud- Gray tabby tom, formally a kittypet

Minty- White-and-black she-cat, blue eyes


Benny- Unfaithful kittypet

Jessy- Loner kittypet thinking about joining New ShadowClan


Snowbird- White she-cat, green eyes (Mother of Smokefoot's kits: Reedkit- Black tabby tom with green eyes, Whitekit- White she-cat with blue eyes)