Trollkit's Legacy (source)

The Troll is Born

Trollkit's Legacy. I've had this idea for such a long time, and now I'm posting it as a CookieClan challenge! X3 Warning: This is very, very, VERY purple. If you don't know what that means, I'll explain.

A purple prose is a term for when someone explains things too much. Here's an example:

He sipped at his coffee as he read the morning's news. This is regular.

He rose a cup to his lips and took a sip, reflexively cringing at the coffee's bitterness. He kept the cringe on his face as he read through the morning's news. This could be considered purple, depending on the situation.

He wrapped a long, thin finger around the sturdy handle of the shiny black receptacle. Slowly, he hoisted the ceramic vessel to his pale pink lips. The steaming liquid rolled acridly around his sensitive tongue, evoking an involuntary reaction to the South American beverage's bitter taste. The liquid was a stark black, reflecting the pale glow from the screen of his rectangular computer monitor. His concerned green eyes darted from one serifed letter to another, drinking in each words meaning as purposefully as he drank in his coffee.This is definitely purple. WAAAYYY too much explanation.

Do you get it now? Okay, on with the story!


Applestar—ginger she-cat with darker ginger stripes and dark green eyes.

Dawncloud—Cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
Apprentice: Cloverpaw

Medicine Cat
Featherpool—Grey-blue she-cat.
Apprentice: Timberpaw

Ravenfall—Black she-cat with a white spot on her chest and one amber eye and one blue eye.
Goldenfur—Golden tabby tom with green eyes.
Apprentice: Blossompaw
Duskheart—Dark grey tom with amber eyes.
Mossypath—White she-cat with silver stripes and ice blue eyes.
Pebblestorm—Silver tabby she-cat with white paws and chest and blue eyes.
Apprentice: Smokepaw
Pineblaze—Brown she-cat with brown eyes.

Timberpaw—Reddish-brown tom with green eyes.
Cloverpaw—Dark blonde she-cat with grey eyes, brown underbelly, paws, ear tips and tail tip.
Blossompaw—Tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and white paws.
Smokepaw—Sleek grey tabby with little tufts of white behind her ears, white paws and blue eyes.

Rainfrost—Grey tabby she-cat with hazel eyes. (Kits: Trollkit- ginger tabby tom with a very peculiar face; Thorkit- Brown tom with amber eyes.)
Honeypelt—Small golden tabby she-cat with a black paw and ear and bright green eyes. (Expecting)

"I think I'll name him Thorkit, because he looks very strong," Rainfrost, a beautiful she-cat with a pelt the color of the sky on a cold morning and eyes the color of all the leaves in early leaf-fall mewed, each word flowing out of her mouth like a creek flows down a gentle slope. The tom looked promising, with a pelt the color of leaves in very late leaf-fall and strong bones that will probably turn into very strong muscles when he grows older. She turned her head and shifted her beautiful hazel eyes to her other kit, the one with a pelt the color of the sun beating down on a tree trunk in leaf-fall, gasping loudly.

"Duskheart, look at his face!" Rainfrost's small mouth was in the shape of the "O" in Franklin Gothic Medium font as she gazed at her other kit with shock and disbelief. The tom whose pelt was the color of a dark cloud in a late greenleaf thunderstorm and eyes the color of the sun when it's about to disappear of the edge of the earth in early leaf-fall gasped as well when his sunset-colored eyes landed on the peculiar kit.

"We must name him Trollkit," the grey sky-colored she-cat murmured, quiet as a small fruit fly buzzing in your ear. "Because of his face..."

Duskheart nodded his dark grey head subtly, his flabbergasted gaze still on the strange kit. "I'm pretty sure that didn't come from my side of the family." He shuddered, his broad, muscled shoulders shaking as his face softly crumpled into a cringe.

"So you think it came from mine?" Her hazel eyes darkened into a glare and her grey furs rose when her mate made that remark.

Duskheart sensed her anger. "No, no! Of course not!" His head shook quickly, going back and forth. The hairs on Rainfrost's back relaxed and she let her kits feed.