Warriors: The Tale Of The Two Sisters (source)


A single warning from the author: Yes, this is a story about a warrior cats Mary Sue. It was done intentionally. this book is being written as a joke, and a way to poke fun of all the other warrior cats Mary Sue original characters. Those who came because you thought it was a normal fanfic, weeeeeeeell.... sorry about that.

I hope you stick around and enjoy!




Leader: Famousstar: a blue tom with purple stripes and blue eyes. Often wears black sunglasses

Deputy: Glittergaze: a fluffy peach-colored she-cat with glittery teal eyes

Medicine cat: Frozenheart: an old white tom with sapphire blue eyes and wings


Alphaheart: a grey and white tom with blue eyes. Looks like a wolf

Kitsparkle: a small silver sparkly she-cat

Yandereheart: a white she-cat with black hair on her head that she puts in a ponytail. Very yandere.

Perfectdance: a rainbow-colored she-cat who loves to dance.

Senpieheart: a tom with black messy fur. Yanderheart's mate.

Memeheart: a green tom who loves memes

Peppapig: a pink she-cat with red stripes and black paws

Kenspark: a blond tom with blue eyes

Barbiepelt: a blond she-cat with blue eyes

Beyoncesong: a brown she-cat with black curly hair who loves to sing. formally musicclan


Wingpaw: a tom with wings

Harrypaw: a tom with messy brown fur and a lightning-shaped marking on his forehead.

Coolestpaw: a black tom with emo hair who often wears sunglasses


Hotglimmer: a hot calico she-cat with wings. (expecting Coolestpaw's kit's)

Pinkshine: a neon pink she-cat. Formerly from rainbowclan. (mother of Famousstar's kit)

Badluck: a constantly depressed dark blue she-cat with black emo hair (both mate and kits are dead)

Furbysong: a purple she-cat with large eyes and a small muzzle.(mother of Frozenheart's kits: Omegakit and Facekit)


Purpleshine: a purple she-cat with teal eyes. has a soft voice like asmr.

Facekit: a dark gray tom with dark blue stripes and teal eyes

Omegakit: a very small shy pure white she-cat apprentice with pink eyes (not an albino).


Longlife: an old red she-cat who is a 100 years old


Leader: Tealstar: a bright teal she-cat

Deputy: Neonspark a tom with color-changing fur

Medicine cat: Scarletpelt: a scarlet she-cat

Colorlesspaw: a transparent tom


Magicmint: a mint tom

Laseryellow: a bright yellow tom

Blizzardblue: a light blue she-cat

Hotmagenta: a magenta she-cat

Middlered: a flat red tom

Sizzlingred: a bright red-pink tom

Darkblack: a black tom with black eyes

Angelwhite: a white she-cat with white eyes

Earthblue: a neon blue tom

Skyblue: a blue tom


Redpaw: a red tom

Orangepaw: an orange she-cat

Greenpaw: a neon green tom


Orangesoda: a bright orange she-cat (mother of Sizzlingred's kits)

Slimygreen: a neon green she-cat(mother of Laseryellow's kits)


Bluejeans: a jeans colored tom

Redsight: a red she-cat with white paws and eyes


Leader: Preciousstar: a very small cute light pink she-cat with big eyes

Deputy: Sweetheart: a purple she-cat with wings and star-shaped markings on her

Medicine cat: Gachacutie: a light brown she-cat who wears a ton of accessories


Animechan: a big-eyed cream she-cat with anime hair

Whiteseal: a fluffy white tom with beady black eyes.

Someonespecial: an adorable cream tom

Galaxywing: a she-cat with a galaxy-colored pelt.

Lunakitti: a cute white and gray she-cat

Marshmallowsweetie: a white she-cat with a slight pink gradient

Pomeranianfloof: a very fluffy white tom that can be mistaken for a Pomeranian.

Narwhalsparkle: a light teal she-cat with a horn

Bunnyhop: a white tom with pink ears

Squirtlesploosh: a teal and green tom that looks like a Squirtle

Pugface: a tom that looks like a pug


Bubblegum: a light pink she-cat with lighter pink spots.

Adorablepaw: an adorable ginger tom ( looks like the cat from Shrek)


Disneyprincess: a sweet light brown she-cat that always wears a tiara

Heartlove: a she-cat with heart-shaped markings


Leader: Bluesstar: a brown tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Classicsong: a gold tom who always dresses like he's from (idk when the classic music was written)

Medicine cat: BobbyEilish. A green and white tom with dreamy milky blue eyes


Ladygaga: a blonde she-cat (she's Beyoncésong's sister)

Britanyspears: a blond she-cat

Jazzpelt: a brown tom with sunset colored eyes

Rapshake: a black tom with gold eyes

Nightcorewing: a deep purply-bluish-black she-cat with a slightly high pitched voice

Ariagrand: a brown she-cat with black hair that she wears in a high ponytail. She also wears a lot of eyeliner.

Alwalker: a black tom with pale blue eyes

Musicalmovie: a blue tom


Melodypaw: a winged sunset colored she-cat

Drumpaw: a pale brown tom who can't speak so he just plays his drums to show how he's feeling.


Imaginarydragon: a white she-cat with purple and blue spots.

Annmarie: a pink she-cat


Hamiltonheart: a cream tom with brown stripe's


Leader: Pradastar: a brown tom with gold eyes and markings

Deputy: Chanelsight: a cream tom with gold markings

Medicine cat: Versacefur: a black she-cat with gold eyes


Nikestep: a bright red tom

Luisvuiton: a black, white and gold tom

Guccipelt: a cream and brown she-cat

Preppypelt: a black she-cat who always dresses in a preppy fashion style

Edgyboy: an edgy black tom who dresses in an edgy style

E-kitty: a she cat who is an E girl

Visco-kitty: an annoying visco-girl she cat

Soft-kitty: a soft-girl she cat


Glampaw: a silvery apprentice who dresses in a glam style


Ladylike: she-cat who dresses very feminine

The Tribe of Rushing Water

Healer: Teller of pointed stone(Stoneteller)- A Gray tabby


A Star As Bright As Day (Star): a golden she-cat

Snow That Falls From Sky (Snow: A light gray tom

Dew From Morning Grass (Dew): A brown tom

Fire That Blazes Through Forest (Fire): A ginger tom

River Where Fish Swim (River): a gray tom


Flower That Grows By River (Flower): A Gray she-cat

Cloud That Blocks The Sun (Cloud): A white tom

Rabbit That Leaps Through Tall Grass (Rabbit): A brown tom

Snowflake Drifting In The Wind (Snowflake): A white she-cat


Root Of Strong Tree (Root): A brown she-cat.

Two kits:

Petal Gliding In Wind(Petal): A Brown she-cat.

The Glow of setting sun (Glow): A ginger she-cat.


Stone That Can't Be Moved (Stone): A gray she-cat

Pinecone That Sits Next To A Tree (Pinecone): A brown tom


Wolf That Hunts Its Prey (Wolf): A gray tom

Heavy Rain In Dark Sky (Rain): A Black tom

Hawk That Flys In The Sky (Hawk): A brown she-cat

Lostclan (what is left of the old clans)

Leader: Rainstar: a gray tabby she-cat

Deputy: Finchface: a fluffy golden she-cat

Medicine cat: Stormpool: a gray and white tom


Sandyleap: a pale ginger she-cat

Oakstem: a reddish-brown tom

Maplepelt: a tortoiseshell and white she-cat

appreciate: Dovepaw


Dovepaw: a gray she-cat


Roseflight: a tortoiseshell she-cat(mother of Hailkit and Cloudkit


Hailkit: a grey tom

Cloudkit: a white she-cat with striped legs

Cats outside of clans

Shia- a mysterious grey and white she-cat.

Wanda: a white brown spotted she-cat rouge from the city

Willy: a brown tom rouge from the city

Juniper: a brown tabby rogue she-cat