Weak Instead of Strong (ON HIATUS) (source)

Chapter 1

Hey everyone! I-really-hope-not here with a troll-fic of troll-fics for y'all. This story isn't going to be serious and is more of a thing to do when I have writer's block for my other story, They Walk Alone. I would like to thank all of the wonderful guests and registered authors who submitted the OC's that I'm using in this story, shout out to y'all; StarSky15, Acorn (GUEST), Lightning Light, Candymouse 22, Ivyclaw of PineClan, Twanypelt37, Iron (GUEST), SilverflowerXRavenpaw, Etherose, Hazelfeather of StarClan, Rainbowzalt, Redwut, Bushclaww, Mutestep the Cat, and WarriorsErin, thank you all so, so much!



Perfecttail: Fluffy pinky/grey fur with a long tail. Orange eyes with pink flecks. {StarSky15}


Reapershadow: Black tom with a white face. Red eyes.

Apprentice: Shippingpaw

Medicine Cat:

Sweetmist: Beautiful lavender she-cat with a fluffy and sparkly tail. Deep blue eyes. {Acorn}


Constellationsky: Dark blue almost black tom with many thin golden stripes. Silver eyes.

Apprentice: Jazzypaw

Comettail: Pale ginger tom with comet-like circles around his fur. Dark flaming green eyes.{Lightning Light}

Cosmicpelt: Blue grey cat with white spots that almost like clouds. Blue eyes.{Lightning Light}

Bellaluna: Pale grey she-cat with a white moon-shaped mark on her head. Purple-blue eyes. Candymouse22}

Apprentice: Vibrantpaw

Starshine: Black she-cat with glowing white spots. Pink eyes. {Guest}

Witherslither: Shining golden tom with a black undercoat. Yellow eyes. {Guest}

Apprentice: Awesomepaw

Amberpelt: Shimmering pale ginger she-cat. Sharp yellow eyes.

Knightheart: Pitch black tom with a silver "mask". Ice blue eyes. {Acorn}

Apprentice: Moonpaw

Golddust: Golden tom. Yellow eyes. {Candymouse22}

Senpaisparkles: Handsome black tom with a sparkly rainbow stripe gong down his back. Rainbow eyes. {Ivyclaw of PineClan}

Kawaiieyes: Fluffy white she-cat with a fluffy tail. Kawaii eyes. {Ivyclaw of PineClan}

Galacticfall: He looks like a galaxy with a blue/grey pelt and multi-colored speckles. Blue and purple shaded eyes. {Twanypelt37}

Starryskies: Purple tabby with silver stripes. Purple eyes. {Iron}

Silversky: Silver she-cat with white patches. Shimmering blue eyes. {Acorn}

Lovelistbeauty: Bright pink fur with rainbow paws. Purple eyes. {SilverflowerXRavenpaw}


Vibrantpaw: Dark purple/black she-cat with a yellow circle on her chest. Magical blue eyes. {Etherose}

Shippingpaw: Red tom with white streaks. Black eyes. {Hazelfeather of StarClan}

Jazzypaw: Bright orange tom with yellow swirls. Blue eyes. {Rainbowzalt}

Awesomepaw: Bright orange she-cat with darker spots. Green eyes. {Rainbowzalt}

Moonpaw: White she-cat with hints of silver. Huge bright yellow eyes. {Candymouse22}


Andromedasparkle: Dark purple she-cat with silver galaxies in her fur. Blue and purple eyes. Mother of Galaxykit and Celestialkit.

Gorgeousbreeze: Silver she-cat with black markings. Neon green eyes. Mother of Deathkit and Sparklekit.

Etherealsky: Slender white she-cat with blue streaks. Grey and blue eyes. Mother of Fossilkit and Sunsetkit. {Etherose}


Galaxykit: Dark blue she-kit with purple swirls and white pin-pricks. Silver eyes.

Celestialkit: Glowing golden she-kit with darker, more glittery golden bengal stripes. Blue eyes.

Deathkit: Black tom-kit with a silver tail-tip. Red eyes.

Fossilkit: Glistening oily black she-kit with bones showing through her pelt. Black hollows where her eyes are. {Hazelfeather of StarClan}

Sparklekit: Silver tom-kit with a single sparkly stripe running down his back. Yellow eyes. {Redwut}

Sunsetkit: Sparkly orange tabby she-kit. Green eyes. {Iron}


Nobleglory: Long furred golden tom with a black chest. Red-orange eyes. {Etherose}

Rainbowsparkle: Rainbow colored she-cat. Galaxy colored eyes. {Bushclaww}

Cats Outside PerfectClan:

Jazz: Black and white patched tom. Blue eyes.

The Cat With No Name: No-one knows what they look like. Rumor has it that it's a fallen DeadClan cat.

Mutestep: Grey tabby with a white nose. Green eyes. {Mutestep the Cat}

DeadClan cats:

Doveflame: Pale silver she-cat with black sparkly marbling that looks like smoke. Pale orange eyes.

Nightbreeze: Pitch black tom with a crescent-shaped patch of fur on his side. Sparkling blue eyes. {Etherose}

Planetsphere: Red tom with bright orange markings. Amber eyes. {Etherose}

Universeheart: Dark blue tom. Orange eyes. {WarriorsErin}


They tell me I was normal, that I was perfect, Mary-Sue. They tell me I had the most beautiful pelt, dark blue with purple swirls and white pin-pricks. That I had the most beautiful silver eyes, just like my father. Now, the only silver eyes are my father's, brimming with untold sadness. The only white pin-pricks are DeadClan cats, shining up above the camp like vengeful fire. They tell me many things, about the accident, about what happened, I must believe them. I remember nothing. Just pain, and screaming that I'll later figure out was mine and Celestialkit's. Deathkit, and his brother Sparklekit, Fossilkit and Sunsetkit. We were all screaming. Is it any wonder why?

"Celestialkit!" The bright and carefree voice exclaims. "Pass the mossball!"

"Okay!" The golden Mary exclaims back, a glowing golden paw swinging. "Here!"

Carefree laughter haunted my dreams in the nights after the accident. Deathkit's jeers and Sparklekit's laugh. Fossilkit's morose sigh and Sunsetkit's bubbling laughter as she dances around us. Celestialkit's squeals as she flings the mossball to me and my own, oh my own beautiful laugh that I cannot remember.

"What's that?" Deathkit's queen-fur silky voice rasps in an un-tomly squeak.

"Look out!" Sparklekit's normally candid and smooth voice is filled with alarm that causes my fur to poof out.

"Galaxykit!" Celestialkit's voice is brimming over with fear as she races towards me from where she's standing but a warrior, Knightheart, scoops her up and dashes away.

Andromedasparkle was running for me. She never made it. I wondered where she was.

I can hear them. Andromedasparkle's determined voice and Constellationsky's painfilled one.

"Let me see her!"

"No." Sweetmist's velvety voice, one that has always brought me comfort is pained as well. Tears in the velvet. I muse to myself. Broken promises.

They tell me I was delirious in the moon after I was hit, singing songs that no-one could understand, saying poems about a burning mountain, Sweetmist tried everything, but my Mary-Sue-ness slipped away. I am no longer perfect, blue and purple and white. My eyes are no longer my father's silver. I am black, plain black, and my eyes are grey. Plain grey. Oh, I still have my pin-pricks, but they no longer seem to glow and pulse with the beat of my heart. They are inert and so am I, a crushed seed planted and watered and left to grow. My name is Galaxykit, and this is the story of my life.