Wolfkit's Story 1 (source)

Chapter 1

A/N: HI THAR WELCUM TO MY FURST STORY!11 SUPERSTAR1702 is mah idol, b/c her storehs are like abaos! So,lts get dis party startewd.

Glitterykyt padded thru teh derk forest. sters glitterd in the skai.

"Wher an I?" she gasped sdcaredely.

"Dear GLittersKit, you are in StreCaln." A glwoing dark gigner tabby tom steppe dout of the shadow sand then stepped closer to GLitterykit and then his green eyes glittered mailishously and then he said, "StarcAln has a prohphecy, and you are chosing.

"Wow!" she gasped her silver and gold and green and yellow and blye eyes widenned in exitment.

"Te hprohphecy is, 'The Woof will save the Shadwos from the evil THunderus Tiger..." de tom fadded int the abckground, and then GLitteryKit began to fade herself.

"Wait1! I don get it! Whats the dat wolf?"

Btluo she never finisihed, becasue she was sucked back into her bodeh and gaspe.d

She opened her silver and gold and green and yellow and blye eles and den shiverd in her slivered pelt. She wers in her nest and her moder, SunSonger, sleep slieljtnly nexst to her. GLittelryKit was curle dup nexdt ot her mother, and her mother has glwoing blonde fur and pal blye shininning eyes.

GlitteryPAw pocked eher head ouf o the the den and the sun shone dmerriyl upa baove ahead. Brid chirped in the treeeeessssssss an den cate mill around lazily.

"Merma, wack up." GlitterySTAR-Chan prjodd dand pocked hr moder until SunSonger woccck up.

"Mreoh... mrooowww... Vat did you wack me up forJ?" her mom cgroned as she stumbled up.

Den, teh medicine cat, Poincianadream bust into de den and scremed, "HELP MEEEHHH! IM GIVING BIRRD "

She flew to athe grund and convulsed, and ten her babies got stuck!11 onlyeh haf of teh teenny tenny kit was ouit, stifcking otu of her butt. It's tenny heaad mewoled.

"OH NERRR! VAT WE DO?" SongSonger cried, limped ters flwoing doawn her faces. "SHE VILL DIIIIIEEE!1!1!"

"NUU SEE WONT! GLitteryStarfeatherpawkit cried, and yanked each kit out of Poincianadream's butthole (A/N" B/c dthe orignal space is fur loosers.) and thirteen kits pooped out!

"YAYAAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY! MY BABIES ARE LIVE !" Poincianadream cried, but then, she said with limpid tears running down her feces, "IMMMMAAA DIE NAOW! Meh babies are safe. Dat ish all LI can lie 4. GLitteryKIT will u tack car of meh babies?"

"Hai yeh yeah ciao" she nodded her head solemely.


ANd she died.

Teh inteir camp wailed, and den later...


"Since I am nwaow te medicne cat," Chickenpaw said, "I will name teh cats."

"i don know. StarCaln Wills It."

Glittery kti examiened the thirteen kits, and noticed dat al of dem were dead and only one kti was brothing.

Dat kti had a logn bshy tal, and long creppy fangs and cwas. She has a long muzzle and no wihskers, and he reyes were a milky blu evendto she was nert suppose to have her yees open yet.

"Look! Dis kit is magial! Her eyes are open!"

"Oh yush!" Cheekcinpaw smiled. "Let's name her.. Woofkti!"