"glitterktis desitny" and its lost ambitions

...so, if you're on this page right now, i assume you've probably read all 16 chapters of "glitterktis desitny" - the one by xXneonhaertsXx (a pseudonym of mine), not the one by xDarkfeatherx (idk who that is) - and if you haven't, go read it or this probably won't make any sense!

this page is very much an act of self-indulgence to soothe my own soul, but i figured i wanted to tell someone about what this fic was supposed to be SOMEWHERE. Glitterdream and her friends were very important comfort characters to me for quite a long time, and this story was very close to my heart in spite of (or perhaps because of?) what it was. also i literally drew multiple pieces of art for it that i never published anywhere because i didn't want to break character as xXneonhaertsXx.

so first off, here's the design concept art i did back in 2018 of Glitterdream and Nightmarepaw (his warrior name was to be Nightmareblood, but i never got that far), done in MS Paint in a sort of knockoff attempt at flightfootwarrior's style (that style is pretty difficult for me, to be honest.)

and here's the reference sheets in my regular artstyle (though uhhh theyre still like two years old and show their age) that i'd drawn for them - i had meant to do ref sheets for the other main cast members, but regrettably never got around to it.


if you don't wanna read what the plot of the rest of the fic was supposed to be and just wanna see more sparklecat art, just skip this whole segment i guess.

Glitterdream was sort of a concept many years in the making, an idea that i picked up and dropped and tried again many times. glitterktis destitny is the closest i ever got to seeing it to fruition - a love letter to and deconstruction of the archetypal parody Mary Sue narrative. there's been MANY Mary Sue deconstruction stories out there with the premise of "the main Mary Sue character is a reality bender forcing the world to her whims", but i cannot think of any i have ever read where the Mary Sue is portrayed as sympathetic and just as much a victim of the narrative as the rest of the cast.

the basic idea was that many, many years ago, an eldritch being known as Starkit (yes, THAT starkit) appeared in the Clans and hijacked reality. in the fallout of the events of Starkit's Prophecy, reality was irreversibly fractured and in order to hold it together Stargleamstar implemented a "cycle" - every several moons, a new Hero with control over reality would be born into the Clans, with an accompanying prophecy structured to let this hero achieve greatness. over time, the Clans became irreversibly changed as a result, and Glitterdream was simply the latest in the cycle.

every bit of spotlight hogging, every bit of implausible plot, every new and sudden power Glitterdream unlocked was fully intentional and calculated and was a part of her pre-determined destiny. however, over time (and this was beginning to show in the fic itself by the later chapters i had written) she would start to realize something was deeply wrong, uncomfortable with the favoritism and the way her entire Clan seemed to rely entirely on her now.

Nightmareblood was a part of this prophecy as well - as the born obviously-evil antagonist, of course. however, despite his poor temperament and power to inflict nightmares on others, he wasn't actually evil. he was pointedly aware of everyone treating both him and his sister very differently from everyone else, and so he realized something was wrong long before Glitterdream did (though he wasn't sure what.) he'd developed a grudge against Morningstar - who was not subtle about his favoritism - and began training in the Dark Forest as they had promised him opportunities to train and control his powers (though, of course, teaming up with the Dark Forest made him further play to his "character role") ...also he and Melonpaw/Melonstorm were boyfriends, that's why they were so close

Morningstar was actually planned to be one of the main villains of the fic. he was aware of both the prophecy and the cycle, and he was DEEPLY paranoid about any threats to ThunderClan or his own leadership. so, he knowingly gave Glitterdream special treatment and sought to make her unfalteringly trust him (while repressing Nightmareblood at every turn) with the intention of molding her into the perfect weapon to use against the other Clans. the arc words of "not everyone can be saved" was specifically to guide Glitterdream down a path of being willing to kill her own loved ones if necessary for the sake of her Clan. Blossomflower - the one who had told him about the cycle in the first place - was well aware of this plan and deeply horrified at what she'd started, but was unable to speak out against him.

Lavenderpaw/Lavenderwing actually wasn't super developed, to be honest. he was a bit of a plot device, which was an intentional decision but also i do kind of wish i had made him stand on his own more as a character. it would have been left deliberately ambiguous if he'd started loving Glitterdream naturally or if it was just because of her powers forcing him to, which is something Glitterdream would have had a crisis over - though as far as Lavenderwing cared he loved her and that's what mattered.

now, for notable lategame plot i never got to - Glitterdream, becoming increasingly anxious that Nightmarepaw (he wouldn't be a warrior at this time) may have been evil, decided to bring up her concerns to Morningstar. he gives her a noncomittal "i'll deal with it" answer, but really this shot his paranoia through the roof. he decided that he no longer could wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled because he's dead certain that Nightmarepaw is plotting to kill him, so he brings Nightmarepaw out on a private patrol, claiming it to be his warrior assessment. Nightmarepaw picks up on how suspicious this whole thing is and confronts Morningstar about how he's been using Glitterdream as a weapon. Morningstar attacks with intent to kill, but Nightmarepaw retaliates and fully kills Morningstar in self-defense.

realizing how deeply he screwed up, Nightmarepaw flees the scene, but as Glitterdream uses her powers to resurrect Morningstar (and it's really really obvious that it's Nightmarepaw's fault anyway), Nightmarepaw gets exiled from the Clan and reluctantly joins VampireClan. there, he eventually actually helps the Clan lead a coup and kick out Twistedstar so they can finally stop waging pointless wars, and receives his warrior name Nightmareblood. while he misses ThunderClan (even Berryfrost!) and has to have a kind-of-illegal long distance relationship with Melonstorm (who is still ThunderClan), he's the happiest he's been in ages.

...on the other hand, even though neither VampireClan nor Nightmareblood have bothered ThunderClan in ages, Morningstar is still paranoid and decides the entire damn Clan has to be disposed of. he arranges Lavenderwing's murder (and he cannot be revived, as Glitterdream's resurrection powers do not work on vampires) on the VampireClan border and convinces Glitterdream that it was their fault, and continuously pokes and prods at her grief and fear and insecurity until she flies into an all-consuming rage and loses her rationality. she rains rainbow flame and destruction down upon VampireClan, massacreing most of its members.

when she comes to, no one knows what happened except for Morningstar, herself, and the few survivors (Nightmareblood being among them), and she's absolutely disgusted with herself - she can't even look at a rainbow anymore without flinching. Morningstar continues to heap praise on her and tell her what a hero she's been, and then previous cats from the cycle come down from StarClan to tell her that, congrats, she's fulfilled the prophecy! horrified, Glitterdream flees into the forest, where she encounters Blossomflower who tells her the full truth - both about the cycle and about Lavenderwing's murder. finally she decides to live as a rogue, feeling like everything has fallen apart.

there, she encounters Nightmareblood - who almost kills her out of rage, before deciding his real enemy is Morningstar, and together they confront him. Nightmareblood kills Morningstar as he begs for Glitterdream to help. she just sits and watches dead-eyed.

together with Nightmareblood and now Melonstorm who joins up with them, they camp out as rogues, unsure of what to do. Glitterdream has a dream of the previous cats of the cycle demanding she stop what she's doing, as she's defying her destiny, but she tells them to screw off and runs away into regular StarClan territory, where she encounters Lavenderwing's spirit. together they agree they're going to break the cycle at any cost, and then Glitterdream wakes up. in the waking world, strange vaguely cat-shaped rainbow monsters are falling from the sky to try and eliminate the fracture in fate Glitterdream is creating, and Melonstorm and Nightmareblood fight them off while Lavenderwing's ghost leads Glitterdream to the Moonpool. she jumps in and physically enters StarClan.

she reaches the dream territory of the past "heroes" of the cycle, and the First, Stargleam, desperately begs her not to destroy everything they've built up. "but isn't what we made far more beautiful?" "no beauty is worth taking others' free will!" Glitterdream fights and defeats Stargleam and destroys the core of the cycle and absorbs its god powers, but reality begins to fall apart as a result. panicking, she brings every spirit with her - cycle or StarClan - who agrees to go (Stargleam, however, refuses to leave - she would rather die in her perfect reality than live in one she did not shape herself) and flees into the waking world with them all.

the last words Stargleam had said to Glitterdream were "you can't save everyone." Glitterdream's reply is: "i have to try."

with her temporary omnipotence, Glitterdream summons together the souls of all the cats in the current world and punctures a hole through the collapsing reality for them to escape through. the majority of them end up as intangible spirits to be reincarnated into new worlds unsullied by the cycle, but Melonstorm, Nightmareblood, and Lavenderwing keep their bodies and travel through with her, into the void between realities.

and, together, they decide to travel across realities, finding other worlds with beings born into the same rigid and unfair destinies as themselves, and save them from their fates and from themselves.

...which is to say, they now keep a sanctuary for fellow Mary Sues from across the multiverse that they saved from their narratives.

i never finished it because my goals were too lofty and writing everything up until the big plot points dropped felt like a chore - you may have noticed i made no mention of swingpaw or electropaw, for example, i had literally nowhere for them to be by the endgame - but the whole idea was very close to my heart and dominated my mind for a very long time. i'd like to think they're still out there in the void, travelling from world to world.


kid pix doodle of Nightmareblood and Melonstorm together, one of the few drawings i did with Melonstorm

eerie and quick little Nightmareblood doodle

uhhh.... kid pix vent art i decided to make about Nightmareblood? i won't go into the real world circumstances behind this one but it's a depiction of the VampireClan burning scene

thumbnail art for a theoretical MAP call set to Hanging Revelation by Hail the Sun. it was just gonna be a general OC MAP but i was planning on using Nightmareblood and the VampireClan burning scene for my part. i never ended up opening the MAP though and i don't figure i ever will. if you want to see the unlisted MAP call for some reason though it's here

EXTREMELY self indulgent but this was a design for Glitterdream as a Madoka Magica-style witch. yea

boy i sure did a lot of kid pix in this era huh. some horror with Glitterdream

simple little doodle of Melonstorm and Nightmareblood meeting the main character of my sibling actionpark52's very old (discontinued?) trollfic, Shadowkit's Cliche Title.



all of this is a couple years old, but actionpark52 (my sibling and the co-owner of this site) did some art too!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavenderwing, the closest we have to an official design for him bc i never drew him sdlkgjaslkdjglskjdg

phone notes app doodles of Glitterdream and Nightmareblood, respectively!!

a sketch of Glitterdream confronting Stargleam!

AAAAAAAAAAND lastly the beginnings to an AMV about Nightmareblood that was never finished, set to Will They Blame Me If You Go Disappearing? by hail the sun!!!!